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Constitution & By-Laws

1. NAME: The name of this association is "The Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association" hereinafter called "the Association."
2. AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The aims and objectives are to encourage social contact among members; to keep alive and pass on "the Spencer Spirit"; and promote the development of Chapters, and maintain a Scholarship fund for young women.
3. MEMBERSHIP: A full member is any woman who has spent at least one school year as a student at Spencer and/or one school year as a member of the teaching staff at Spencer.
An associate member may be:
A. Any woman who has spent part of a school year as a student or teacher at Spencer,
B. Any man who has spent a school year or part of a school year at Spencer (This means attending Kindergarten and/or Commercial class or as a teacher),
C. Any other member of the staff (ie. employee) of Spencer or of Bishop Jones Hostel.
4.1 The officers of the Association shall consist of the following:
A. President
B. Vice-President
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
E. Three Directors
- Branch / Reunion Liaison
- Membership
- Scholarship
F. The Editor of the Spencer Letter
G. The immediate Past-President
4.2 The following guidelines shall apply:
4.2.1 Officers A, B, C, D, & E must be full members of the Association and shall be elected by full membership of the Association voting by secret ballot and shall hold office for three years.
4.2.2 Officer F must be a full member of the Association and will be appointed by the Executive.
4.2.3 If a member of the Executive finds that she is unable to complete her term of office, the Executive will appoint a replacement member until the next AGM.
4.2.4 Both full members and associate members may nominate a member for election to the Executive, but only full members may vote.
4.2.5 Five members of the Executive shall constitute a quorum.
4.2.6 Ex-officio members of the Executive Shall be voting members.
4.2.7 Meetings of the Executive are called by the President and shall take place at least three times a year.
4.2.8 At all meetings of the Executive, questions shall be decided by a majority of the votes of members present.
4.2.9 The chair is entitled to vote on every issue and additionally in the case of a tie vote to cast a tie-breaker vote.
4.2.10 The editor of the Spencer Letter must be provided with an up-to-date list of Spencerians (Alumnae members) by the Chair of the Membership Committee.
5. CHAPTERS: Geographical groups of members and/or Special interest groups of members may form Chapters of the Association provided they agree to conform to the Constitution & By-Laws of the Association.
6.1 There shall be at least two meetings of the general membership in each calendar year, one of which shall be an Annual General Meeting to be held on the second Saturday in May, the second meeting to be held on the first Saturday in November.
6.2 All meetings take place in St. John's, Newfoundland &anp; Labrador. Appropriate notice will be given in the Spencer Letter and/or the Spencer Home Page, and also through local newspapers and other media outlets.
6.3 Twenty-five full members shall constitute a quorum at any general meeting.
6.4 Full members may vote on any issue. Associate members may speak to any issue but may not vote.
6.5 The President shall Chair all regular and annual general meetings and all executive meetings; in her absence, the Vice-President assumes the chair. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all regular, annual, & Executive meetings and be responsible for correspondence. The Treasurer keeps account of all monies received and disbursed and must provide semi-annual financial reports.
6.6 All issues shall be decided by the majority of votes cast on the question. The Chair has the right to vote on any issue and in the case of a tie, casts the additional deciding vote.
6.7 Roberts Rules of Order will be used for procedure.
7. FINANCES: The President and the Treasurer shall be the signing officers; another executive member may be designated by the Executive to sign cheques in the extended absence of either the President or Treasurer. The financial year ends on March 31.
8. PUBLICATION: The official publication of the Association shall be the Spencer Letter, which is published at least twice a year.
9. STANDING COMMITTEES: The Standing Committees of the Association shall be
   1. Liaison, 2. Scholarship, 3. Membership, 4. Archives, 5. Spencer Letter
   6. Ad hoc (other committees will be appointed as required.)
9.1 Each Standing Commtiiee shall have a member of the Executive serve on the committee. This member of the Executive shall be responsible for giving a committee report at each Executive meeting.
10. AMENDMENTS: The articles of this Constitution & its By-Laws may be amended by the vote of two-thirds of the full membership present at a regular or annual general meeting of the Association provided that notice of such change has been given in the Spencer Letter at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting.
Constitution & By-Laws first aproved March 19, 1998
First revision - May 5, 2001
Second revision - May 10, 2003

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