Vol. 8,   No. 2              January 2012

the Spencer Letter is the official publication of the
Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association
12 Kent Place,  ST. JOHN'S,  NL   A1B 1V5  CANADA
   Tel.:  709-722-4546
past president: Judith (Barrett) Price '59       editor: Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54

Dear Spencerians:
   It is with mixed feelings that I sit to write this final Spencer Letter. I am so proud of our accomplishments as an organization the scholarships we gave to deserving young women, the Spencer statue & park on Military Road, the many hours of fellowship at meetings, and the success of our two reunions. But good things do come to an end; and, after a 15 year run, the BSC Alumnae Association has "closed its doors" and left us with fond and happy memories of the events and our fellow Spencerians.
   We will, however, continue to remember and to be remembered in the scholarship at Memorial University that bears our name: The Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association Bursary. It was awarded for the first time in the fall of 2010 to a needy woman student at MUN.
   The last year of our operation (which consisted of winding down the finances) was a sad one in that several Spencerians died. I particularly want to mention the sudden deaths of Jean Murray and Ann (Chatwood) Abraham '46 both of whom contributed so much to Spencer and more recently to the BSCAA. They are missed. Jean, the last headmistress, was 94; I saw her in the supermarket about a month before she died and she was in good
spirits but upset because she was no longer allowed to drive! Ann had motored to Corner Brook with her daughter just the week before she passed away I celebrated her 80th birthday with her in 2009 (she had six coffee & tea parties for various friends).
   One of the reasons the BSCAA folded was because we could no longer fill executive positions especially president & secretary. I want to thank all of you who have written or phoned or come up to me at the mall to support the Spencer Letter. I'm glad that so many of you read it so avidly and enjoyed my comments. It was a labour of love!
   This edition contains farewells from a number of Spencerians who have served in executive positions.
   And so farewell from me and the Spencer Letter team especially my son Bruce who has done all the production of the letter starting with the third one. Take care; be well; happy thoughts; I'll miss you.

Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54
Saturday,    April 14, 2012,    12:30 p.m.
Clovelly Golf Club,    Golf Course Road,    St. John's

Watch for details in the Telegram on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012.
Note: There is no longer the option to pay by VISA Tickets at $25.00 each will have to be purchased on or before April 9th. Call Ruby at 579-6219 or Scam at 722-4546.

How Do We Say "It's Time"!
   Before my children had to make the big decision, I put myself in "a home"! Yes, at 65 I put in my application at St. Luke's and waited for "the call". It came in 2009 and I am extremely happy with my decision (as my children probably are as well). I am in reasonably good health and the decision was an easy one for me. Not so with the BSCAA.
   It was, without a doubt, the hardest decision made by the last elected Executive of The Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association. and we still had to get the vote from those attending, what came to be, our last reunion. With some of our members residing in other parts of the world, local numbers were already in decline. Poor health and ageing took a toll on numbers with each luncheon and appropriate venues were harder to find.
   It was unanimous and it was the right decision. And what a legacy we have left! Scholarships awarded to deserving young ladies with which to continue their education; a tribute in bronze, our Spencer Girl, the beginning of "Art in The City" (followed since with tributes to their alma maters by 5 other schools); and the name of the BSCAA still ongoing as a Memorial Scholarship at MUN.
   I attended the Spring 2010 Dinner of the Ottawa BSC group last May and they met socially again on November 8th and, more recently, in early May, once again. Smaller groups in the Avalon area are also getting together on a fairly regular basis. I hope we can all build on the connections we made over the past number of years and continue to keep in touch with each other. My personal thanks to Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds, Barbara (Parsons) Clancy, and Ruby (Downer) Legge for all their hard work and help, and to Bruce Reynolds, our Honourary Spencerian! To the local Reunion Committee and Sally LeFeuvre in Ottawa, thanks for a most memorable sendoff!

Non moritur cujus fama vivit

Judith C. Price, Last President of the BSCAA
   There is not much activity for the treasurer these days. The Scholarship account has been closed out and transferred to the BSC Alumni Association Bursary at MUN. Once all the expenses for this, the final, Spencer Letter have been paid then what is left over will also go to the MUN Spencer Bursary. I would like to say thank you for your support over the past 10 years. I have enjoyed receiving your memberships and lots of times with a little note or comment included and of course, the lunches were always a good time of fellowship. It was most enjoyable at the 2009 Reunion to be able to put faces to lots of those cheques that came in over the years. I wish you all the best life has to offer and hopefully we will cross paths again sometime, somewhere.
   "The time has come the walrus said to speak of many things" and the time is now. Over the last 10 years I have been honoured to be your Treasurer with help from my sister, Diane (Downer) Driscoll Class '55, along the way. I enjoyed reading those notes that came in with your memberships and the conversations and emails I have shared with many of you, for one reason or another. I truly enjoyed our last reunion when I was able to match your lovely faces to the cheques from all those years. This week I was thrilled to be able to pass over a cheque to MUN, for $28,431, for the Bishop Spencer College Alumni Association Bursary. Thanks to you and your support for the Scholarship Fund we have left our legacy. I want to wish you all the very best in the future with good health and lots of laughs with good friends. Perhaps our paths will cross once again.
Ruby (Downer) Legge, Class '64

  We have set up a Facebook group for Spencerians to keep in touch. To find it, in Facebook search for "bishop spencer college". When you get to the group, click on the "Join this Group" link on the right-hand side.

   Since its inception after the first BSC Reunion in 2000, the BSCAA has awarded 20 scholarships, bursaries, and academic excellence awards. These awards were given to 16 gifted and intelligent young women (we had some repeat winners) and totalled over $20,000 in value. We "old girls" of Bishop Spencer College can be proud of our small contribution to the education and careers of these 16 young ladies.
   After the Reunion in 2009, Judith Price, Ruby Legge, and I met with Tara Pearce, Senior Development Officer, and Jillian Gibson of the Alumni Affairs and Development Department of Memorial University to establish the Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association Bursary Endowment Fund.
   At that meeting, in consultation with Ms. Pearce and Ms. Gibson as to where the area of greatest need was, we decided that the BSCAA Bursary "will be awarded annually to a female student who is enrolled in the fourth year of any undergraduate degree program in the Faculty of Arts. The recipient must meet the minimum academic and financial requirements for a bursary as defined by the university. The Bursary will be administered by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards upon recommendation of the Dean, Faculty of Arts." Section 3 of the gift agreement between the BSCAA and MUN.
   On March 27,2010, a cheque for $28,431.31 was presented to MUN to fund an annual $1000.00 bursary in perpetuity. Once the expenses for this final Spencer Letter are taken care of, the remaining money in our account will be forwarded to MUN to be used as a "top up" for the bursary funding.
   If any Spencerians wish to make a contribution to this bursary fund, either as a gift or a memorial donation, please contact:
Jillian Gibson, Senior Development Officer
Alumni Affairs and Development
Memorial University of Newfoundland
20 Lambe's Lane
St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5S7
709-864-2163 / 709-699-7957
   Scholarships are not the only educational contribution we have made since Reunion 2009. As a result of conversations with some members of the IODE, we donated $500.00 for the purchase of a large screen computer monitor to assist the students in a special needs class at the school in Port Hope Simpson. We also donated $200.00 towards the purchase of books for the library at Bishop Feild School.
   I am very proud to have been the chair of the BSCAA Scholarship Committee since 2000 and it has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding roles in my life. I was sorry to see it end but I content myself with the knowledge that young women for years to come will be helped financially to realize their dreams through the BSCAA Bursary at MUN.
Barbara Parsons Clancy '63

1.The Ottawa group continued to meet throughout 2011 and will meet again in the Spring of 2012. For info call Sally at 613-741-9483. Best wishes to Hilda (Brinton) Dobson '36 who regularly attends.
2.The Class of '55 meets regularly in St. John's. For info call Angela at 709-722-5567.
3.I will attempt to maintain a list of Spencerians for as long as possible. Call me (Scam) at 709-722-4546.
4.The Rev. Canon (ret'd) Joyce Payne '54 has written a memoir entitled GIFT lots about the BSC years in the 40's & 50's. Try to borrow a copy it's worth the read.
5.You may continue to donate to the BSC bursary at Memorial. For info call Dept. of Alumni Affairs & Development at MUN 709-864-4354, 1-877-700-4801.
6.Congratulations to Elinor (Gill) Ratcliffe '59 on receiving an honorary doctorate degree from Memorial University. She is being recognized for her philantrophy & her support of the community.

   On May 10th, 2010 we saw a gathering of fifty to sixty people, BSC graduates, friends, and family, even a few BFCers who attended BSC kindergarten. It was a special evening including Island music from David Barnes (husband of Cynthia Cluett) as well as my daughter Jane Le Feuvre and my granddaughter Jasmine Michel. Our Alumni President Judy Price was there to present greetings from home. We acknowledged Elinor (Gill) Ratcliffe's appointment to the Order of Canada. A good time was had by all.
   On November 8th, 2010, an enthusiastic group of approximately twenty-five, gathered for food, friendship, and sharing. Jean (Guy) Weerasinghe shared a multitude of memorabilia from lunch box, BSC exercise books, report cards, text books, pins, deportment girdles, and all, lots of memories. Joan (Finley) Crocker brought us Joyce Payne's books.

   Nicole Shea of Georgetown received the first $1000 from the BSC Bursary.

NOTE: (from Ruby)
   Congratulations to Scam who won the Memorial University Alumni J. Douglas Eaton Award for distinguished service to MUN 30 consecutive years as a volunteer.
This "not for sale" book included excerpts about Guiding and about our very own Hilda (Brinton) Dobson which Joan read to us. It was all very special. Having Hilda in our group has been an un-measurable blessing. She remains so well and clear of mind and such an example to us all.
   As a group we have become closer with each gathering and memory which we share. Many of us didn't know each other before, now we all feel like sisters of our Ottawa Spencer family. As to our future, I would say that even though our St. John's parent is no longer active it doesn't mean our sisterhood has diminished, in fact it might make it stronger. We have a bond and we all intend to continue as long as we have each other and our health.
Sally (Winter) Le Feuvre BSC'59

   Thought you might like to know that I continued my short-lived and ill-fated political career by running in the Oct. 11, 2011 provincial election. It was not a good year to be a Liberal! Nuff said. But I had fun and lots of support from Spencerians. A big thank you to all of you you know who you are.


In Memoriam
1.Jean Murray F.
2.Ann (Chatwood) Abraham '46.
3.Lynn (Proudfoot) Baker '71.
4.Margaret Glover F.
5.Gertrude (Newhook) Davenport '26.
6.Sandra (Boone) Bleakley '61.
Deepest sympathy to the families who mourn.

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