Vol. 7,   No. 2              October 2007

the Spencer Letter is the official publication of the
Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association
PO BOX 21382,  ST. JOHN'S,  NL   A1A 5G6  CANADA
   Tel.:  709-739-0981
president: Judith (Barrett) Price '59       editor: Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54

Dear Spencerians:
   2007 is drawing to a close although the roses are still in bloom in St. John's, the temperature has dropped and fall is in the wind and in the red and yellow of the foliage in Bannerman Park. We are made all too aware of the passage of time by the lengthy list of obituaries in each Spencer Letter as our numbers dwindle.
   This issue we are featuring photos from 1928 two of Sports Day in June (one with Cherry) and another photo of Gertrude (Earle) King and friend; Gertrude was in the class of '28 and tells us she was afraid of Cherry!
   As usual before a reunion we are on a search for the oldest living Spencerian please let us know of
all graduates or former students who were at BSC in the 1920's; we want to honour them at SPENCER '09 TOGETHER AGAIN the next reunion. Plans for this are in progress there's a note later in this Letter. This issue is going only to members; however in January 2008 we are putting together a reunion issue which will go to everyone on the list.
   Please VERY IMPORTANT let us know of any address changes we don't want to miss anyone.

Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54
Saturday,    Nov. 3, 2007,                   12 Noon
Bally Haly Golf and Country Club,    Logy Bay Road,    St. John's

Please call    570-7422   to reserve your ticket by October 31st ABSOLUTE DEADLINE!!

Soup, sandwich, dessert, tea/coffee.          Cost: $13.00

Tickets and 2008 dues can be paid for at the door cash, cheque, VISA.


Donations needed for 3 stalls:
1. Baked goods pickles, preserves, cookies, bread, etc.
2. Crafts new handmade items.
3. Used books paperbacks in good condition only please.

Proceeds of the Sale go to the BSCAA Scholarship Fund.

   Being BSCAA President continues to be exciting because I've been able to talk to Spencerians of all ages from all over. I'm really looking forward to 2009 when everyone who can run, walk, or crawl will be in St. John's for SPENCER '09 TOGETHER AGAIN our next all-years reunion. We've had such positive feedback about it from so many of you!
   While this edition of the Spencer Letter is being sent only to members, the edition we publish in the new year will go to everyone we can reach so that all Spencerians from 39 to 99 can make plans to come together in '09. (It's OK if you're 38 or 100, too.)
   I'm especially looking forward to seeing all of my classmates at the 50th anniversary of the graduation of the last Grade XI class I was so lucky to have gotten in "under the wire," so to speak. We were also lucky to have such great teachers whose wit and wisdom have stood us in good stead over the years.
   That's it from here for now. Best wishes to you all.
Judith C. Price, President, BSCAA

   A very successful dinner was held on October 15, 2007 with more than 20 attending. Myra (Barnes) Carter '54 was up from Montreal and Hilda (Brinton) Dobson '36 was out for it. "Miss Brinton" was in fine form and wishes to be remembered to all her former students.
   Mary (Hunt) Nurse '39 writes to say that the Spencer diva who sang "The Second Minuet" at the 2000 Fun Night was Ruth (Morgan) King '43. We'd love to hear from Ruth. Is she still singing? Jean M. Murray '33 was Mary's Grade XII form mistress Jean and Mary had a chat at the May luncheon.
   The 8th AGM and Luncheon was held on May 12, 2007 with the usual reports we are solvent, the scholarship committee awards two scholarships a year, we are pushing for more Spencerians to pay the low fee of $10.00 a year and become members of the BSCAA, the Ottawa chapter is in good form and we are trying to revitalize Toronto and London, we are still accepting works on paper for the Spencer archives (held at Memorial University), the 2009 reunion is a "go" (if you're reading this, you know how the AGM report of the Spencer Letter went!)

   Bishop Jones Hostel aka Spencer Lodge or just the Lodge. The committee planning that reunion has been hard at work for over a year attempting to find all the girls who stayed there Memorial students, Spencer commercial students, Spencer "undergrads", and one Mercy commercial student. The reunion is in the summer of 2008. The contact people are:
Barbara Wells Davis
24 Perlin Street
St. John's, NL A1E 4C1
Tel: 709-368-5324
Shirley Morris Cooper
67 Commonwealth Avenue
Mount Pearl, NL A1N 1W7
Tel: 709-368-6180
   Barbara would like to hear from anyone with Lodge connections whether or not she plans to come to their reunion.
SPENCERIANS: If you know of anyone who stayed at BJH please ask them to get in touch with Barbara. PASS THE WORD ALONG, please.

   Nobody answered the number riddle in the Fall '06 Letter. It was the first telephone number issued to Spencer.

   Darling, dear and dearie, honey, my sweet, sweetheart, lovie, etc., etc.
   I'm waging a one-woman campaign to stop the proliferation of these terms in inappropriate situations. For instance, I went off to the polling station to vote in the October provincial election; the poll clerk looked up and said "What's your name, DARLING?" She emphasized the "darling." I simply said "Darling?" and looked down on her from my not very great height (5'5" and shrinking). She got the message and said "Oh I'm sorry ma'am, may I have your name please." Some weeks ago I shopped at a well-known chain store here in St. John's. As I was waiting for the clerk at the cash register she said "Just a minute now HONEY." (Again the "honey" was emphasized.) When I passed her my credit card I whispered that it was inappropriate and unprofessional to use terms of endearment to your customers. Guess what happened? She roared with laughter and in a loud voice told five other clerks and three other customers within earshot that "this woman don't(sic) want to be called 'honey' how funny is that". No, I did not die of embarrassment not at all. I simply stated in a voice as loud as hers that to use such terms when addressing strangers was to trivialize them; I inquired as to what she used for members of her own family; I suggested she be more professional in future. I noticed a supervisor hovering nearby and since then I've also noticed that the same clerk always uses "sir" or "ma'am" (or no term) when talking to customers.
   I fear it's a losing battle I don't have the patience to change the speech patterns of the English speaking world one clerk at a time. Nonetheless I'll probably keep trying to some extent. Spencerians, of course, are welcome to call me any term of endearment anytime they choose.

   We're sorry to report that Phyllis Reid '48 is ailing. Phyllis has been a strong supporter of the BSCAA and chaired the Girl Guide Reunion in 2000. We all wish you well, Phyllis.
   Many children learn to count on their fingers, but a nurse once taught a child to pray "on her fingers." This was her method:
   Your thumb is the digit nearest your heart, so pray first for those who are closest to you. Your own needs, of course, should be included, as well as those of your beloved family and friends.
   The second finger is the one used for pointing. Pray for those who point you toward the truth, whether at church or school. Pray for your teachers, mentors, pastors, and those who inspire your faith.
   The third finger is the tallest. Let it stand for the leaders in every sphere of life. Pray for those in authority, both within the body of Christ and those who hold office in various areas of government.
   The fourth finger is the weakest, as every pianist knows. Let it stand for those who are in trouble and pain ..... the sick, injured, abused, wounded, or hurt.
   The little finger is the smallest. Let it stand for those who often go unnoticed, including those who suffer abuse and deprivation.
   What a simple and wonderful reminder as we pray! What a great tool to use in teaching children how to pray for themselves and others.

   We are looking for nominations for this award which we give from time to time to a Spencerian who has devoted her time and energy to the BSCAA and/or to the community and exemplifies the Spencer Spirit. Deadline for nominations is November 20, 2007. Send details of your nominee's life and service to President Judy at the address on the front of the Spencer Letter.

   Ruby wants to remind everyone that all monies (dues, scholarship donations, etc.) should sent to her at Ruby Legge, 58 Airport Heights Drive, St. John's, NL A1A 4Z7. That way cheques are not late being processed.

Miss Cherrington  

Miss Cherrington
1928 June
Sports Day
The Parade  

Sports Day
1928 June
'The Parade'

Gertrude (Earle) King  

2006 Gertrude (Earle) King
Carbonear Started Spencer 1928
It was fun and games especially when Miss Cherrington wasn't on the loose. I was afraid of her.
Birthday Party
Elizabeth Ann Ryall's birthday party 1952 or 53.
This taken at my party on St. Michael's Ave. before school closed in June. The ones numbered were in my class then at Spencer. I left and went to PWC in early '55.

1. Jill Campbell, 2. Patsy Wareham, 3. Barbara Knight, 4. Sandra Lynch, 5. Barbara Heale, 6. Roxanne Press, 7. Elizabeth Williams, 8. Patsy Walters, 9. Norma Chafe, 10. Rosalyn Press, 11. Donna Tucker, 12. Barbara Spencer, 13. myself, Elizabeth Ann (Ryall) Candow

   Co-chairs Barb (Barbara Parsons Clancy '63) and Scam (Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54) along with president Judy met twice over the summer to hammer out some very preliminary details. For instance, while we doubt we could make FUN NIGHT any better than the colossal success it was in 2000 (thanks to Pam, Phil, Shirley, Marie, and all the rest of the committee) we realize we need a bigger and better venue; also we want to have a bigger goodie bag bigger bag with wider straps and different "stuff" in it; we need to have name tags on lanyards so they are easier to handle. These are some of the issues we are addressing at the moment (along with the biggie: wheelchair accessibility) and we will soon get a larger committee together to work on details.
   As it is, we have met with a representative of a local supply company to discuss bags, golf shirts, jackets, lanyards, etc. We have signed no contracts as yet but are looking at samples.
   More much more in the January issue when we'll ask you to return a form indicating your interest in attending (but not for any deposits yet).

(with apologies to those mentioned)
Elizabeth was Fraud instead of Scam.
Shirley and Pat were Duke instead of Earle.
Judy was Cost instead of Price.
Ruby was Upper instead of Downer or Arm instead of Legge.
Betty and Marie were Chef instead of Cook.
Barb was Deacons instead of Parsons.
Penny was Flamingo instead of Crane.
Florence was Wren instead of Martin or Red instead of White.

* This is the sort of thing we put in The Spencerian back in the 40's and 50's - thought you might enjoy an updated version. *
  OBITUARY from 1927
From the St. John's Daily News
Wednesday, January 5, 1927

   A cable yesterday morning to Miss Cherrington, Principal of Spencer College announces the death of her mother, Mrs. Mary Cherrington, widow of the late Rev. A. O. Cherrington. The late Mrs. Cherrington left here last August to spend a year in England with her sons, both clergymen of the Church of England, and to meet another son who was recently consecrated Bishop of a new diocese in New Zealand. She was staying at the Rectory, at Bleasby, Nottingham, and it is gleaned from recent cables, but was out for a walk last Monday but was unfortunately, knocked down by a motor lorry and suffered severed head injuries, being unconscious as a result. Yesterday's cable new announced that she had passed peacefully away, surrounded by her kith and kin. The late Mrs. Cherrington was much loved by all who knew her since coming to Newfoundland to stay with her talented daughter, the Principal of Bishop Spencer College. Her life here was devoted to the interests of Spencer College and Spencer Lodge and many are the numerous ways in which she always helped to try and smoothen the pathway for the young folk at the Lodge. A devoted lover of her church, she was always in her pew worshipping the King of Kings. Her life was calm and peaceful and in death she has not suffered. The late Mrs. Cherrington was very fond of Newfoundland and intended returning "back home" as she called St. John's, next summer. But god has willed it otherwise and has called her pure soul to rest in His keeping until the day dawns and the shadows flee away. To Miss Cherrington and her family we tender our sincere sympathy.

Note: The punctuation and other errors in the above piece were in the original.

   Elizabeth (Brown) Hardie '43 writes from Digby, NS that her daughter Joan (Hardie) Schellenberger '67 has been ordained as an Anglican priest and is serving in Alberta.

   Another note from Nova Scotia Ann (Cornick) Roberts '55 and husband John just celebrated their 50th anniversary in June. Ann tells John he married a child! She's coming in '09.

   We'd love to hear from more guys - so a big thank you to Harold Steele for writing. Harold and your editor were in Kindergarten together. In the primary department play we had an act together: I was Miss Muffett and Harold had to lower the spider on to my shoulder; I think he was Simple Simon. WHAT A HOOT!

   It was nice to hear from Jean (Mugford) Good '37 who is now widowed and lives in a retirement home in Ohio. Before she went to Spencer she studied at the old Springdale Street School. Miss Worrall, the long time principal of Springdale Street, was a Spencer grad and had taught at Spencer. While Miss Worrall was at Spencer, my mother, Mary (Payne) Scammell '19, was in one of her classes and Miss Worrall later recruited her to teach at Springdale Street. We are all so connected.

   Thanks to Joan (Finley) Crocker '54 for a donation in memory of Patricia (Clarke) Churchill and the photo of some of the 54's at Georgina (Pike) Jones' estate in Smiths Falls, ON. In memoriam donations to the Scholarship Fund are always welcome and are tax deductible; we issue receipts. Joan's mother Hannah Carver Finley recently passed away in Ottawa at the age of 104 feisty to the end.

   Betty (Press) Johnston '47 writes from Chateauguay, Quebec in response to the spring Spencer Letter. Betty says that Gertrude (Newhook) Davenport '26 was a Sunday school teacher at St. Thomas' when Betty "was young." Gertrude's niece Jacqueline (Newhook) Henderson was in Betty's class.
   Former president and chair of Spencer 2000 The Reunion, Betty (Cook) Williams '51, writes from Bellevue, NL. Why are we not surprised that Betty is "up to her neck" in all kinds of local activities both church and state; eg. she couldn't come to the May AGM because she was co-chairing an United Church Women's Rally that day. She's offered to do anything she can to help along the '09 reunion from beautiful Trinity Bay where she lives.

   Emma (Quinton) Lawrence '49 lost her husband of 54 years last spring. He was a physician in Annapolis Royal, NS. Another physician - the husband of Barbara (Herder) Corrigan '54 passed away about the same time. Barbara lives in La Conner, WA.

   President Judy, Past President Barbara, your editor, and various other Spencerians went to Carbonear to be with Elinor (Gill) Ratcliffe '59 and Rosalind Gill '64 at the inurnment of their mother's ashes in a family plot. Mary Gill lived a long and productive life and we remembered her on a gentle summer afternoon with a short service and lovely hymns.

   We have very few members in Saskatchewan so it was great to hear from Dr. Liz (Young) Ivanochko 59' that she's coming for the '09 reunion. Note: Her Spencer writing is gorgeous.


Contributions to this space would be most welcome short verse or essay, any special or general memory, class news. SEND ALONG ASAP.

Fees are now due for 2008.
   Your $10.00 fee for membership is due every January. This fee enables us to keep running and to publish the Spencer Letter. Please send it along to treasurer Ruby Legge, 58 Airport Heights Drive, St. John's, NL A1A 4Z7. THANK YOU if you've already done so.
   Miss Hall is still a resident in the L. A. Miller Centre in St. John's. She's not really very well at present. We'll keep you posted.

   A reminder to all Spencerians that the CNS Archives is accepting materials on a continuing basis and if you have anything that you would like to contribute please contact Ruth Green at 895-2005 or e-mail:

     Ottawa: Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre '59 at 613-741-9483
     Toronto: Elizabeth (Wheeler) Gibson '63 at 905-853-9646
     England: vacant
     St. John's: Barb (Parsons) Clancy '63 at 739-0981 or e-mail:

We're looking for a Spencerian in London (or anywhere in the home counties) to chair the group in England. Apply to the President if you'd be willing to do it.


In Memoriam
1.Patricia (Clarke) Churchill '53.
2.Mildred (Brinton) Morrissey.
3.Daphne (King) Bajzak '55.
4.Elizabeth (Earle) Scrementi '52.
5.Jeannette Feaver '56.
6.Lucille (Hiscock) Norris '36.
7.Joan (Maddick) Lewis C.
8.Meta Grace (Smith) Heath '40.
9.Helen (Cole) Driscoll '47.
10.Doreen (Tiller) Faulkner '44.
11.William Charles.
Deepest sympathy to the families who mourn.
Please let the Editor or the President know if anyone should be included in the Obituaries.

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