Vol. 5, No. 4              October 2004

the Spencer Letter is the official publication of the
- Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association -
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president: Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63
editor: Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54
assist. editor: June (Earle) Wheeler '55

Dear Spencerians:
   First of all, our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Assistant Editor June (Earle) Wheeler '55 who's been ailing for some time. Perhaps some Spencerians especially her classmates would like to send her a note or a card address it to June at the Alumnae P.O.Box (above) and mark it "personal" we'll see she gets all the mail. Meanwhile, June, we're all pulling for you.
   In 2004, I've met, travelled with, stayed with, argued with, shared libations, food, and memories with well over half the girls (and a few guys) who were my classmates. Several, like myself, were at Spencer for 12 years; some were around for a few years; some for just a year or two. I've been musing lately on what makes these friendships last.
   When the Class of '54 had its 50th this summer, President Barbara came over to our pot luck to bring greetings from the Association. She was asked if any other class had stuck together like the 54s. A few classes, she said, and named some of them like the 47s who seem to meet every summer, the 59s who've left the lasting memorial of the park, her own class in 63, members of which can be found on all the committees and at all the events, and several others.
   In British schoolboy literature (eg. Stalky & Co.) the point is made that one never forgets those "whom he was boys together with". So, it seems, we do not forget those whom we were with throughout the childhood and teenage
years. However, while "Remember the time ..." is certainly heard when we get together, we talk about family (especially grandchildren nowadays!) and friends, about work and hobbies, about travel and shopping, about time passing and the importance of love and the best way to grieve and so many other things. I've listened throughout this year to the stories of my friends and I've heard no hint of regret or recrimination. Have we all, like Sinatra "... done it my way ..."
   Perhaps, now as our group approaches our 70's we are more alike than ever, and traits that seemed over the years to make us very different from each other have faded a bit so that we can count our common blessings and look back at our triumphs and satisfactions. I hear us making plans for the future, looking forward to tomorrow, guarding health & happiness zealously, and already talking about our next reunion.
   Are we unique in that the bonds between us make us as close as sisters? Please write and tell us your experience with friendships formed at Spencer. We'd love to include your letters in future Letters.
   That's it for this issue.
Take care.

Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54

   The seasons are changing. The leaves, which are now hinting at the colour extravaganza to come, will soon be glorious in their autumn gowns of red, orange, gold, and brown. It is the most beautiful of seasons, I believe.
   For me, Fall always brings back memories of the Spencer Sale. I remember cutting dozens and dozens of oranges to make marmalade in Domestic Science class for the Bottle Stall, the fudge in pastel colours of pink and white pure sugar but so good at the Candy Stall. I remember serving tea in the classrooms off the gym, so nervous, afraid I would spill the hot liquid on someone. I remember having $2.00 to spend and trying to make it last as long as possible while buying "treasures" at the White Elephant Stall for five cents and 10 cents a piece. I remember helping my mother at the Miscellaneous Stall and, of course, learning how to spell "miscellaneous" in order to make signs for the Sale in art class! I am sure each of you has your own memories of the sale and smile at the recollections. Now we have our own mini-Sale, a pale imitation of the real thing but just as important as it provides funding for our Scholarship program.
   Your Executive has been hard at work for this past month planning the Fall luncheon and Spencer Sale. We hope to have some events, other than luncheons, throughout the year to give our members the opportunity to get together and enjoy each other's company. If you have any suggestions to offer or would like to work on a committee to organize these events, please contact any member of the Executive.
   Thank you so much to those of you who responded to our mailout this past March. We had tremendous support for our request for donations to the Scholarship fund and we added about 50 new members to our list. It was a wonderful response once again, our thanks to you.
   You will notice a new column "Where Are
They Now" later in this Letter. Most of the material comes from the information you shared with us after a request in the last Spencer Letter. We were delighted to hear from so many who had done such interesting things. Please continue to forward your memories, ideas, & personal events.
   Take time to enjoy the colours of Fall and see you on November 6th.

Barbara Parsons Clancy 63

BSC EXECUTIVE 2004 - 2005
Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63
Judith (Barrett) Price '59
Past President:
Betty (Cook) Williams '51
Secretary and Archives:
Ruth (Noseworthy) Green '63
Ruby (Downer) Legge '64
Director - Membership:
Shirley (Bourne) Kelly '53
Director - Scholarship Committee:
Heather Campbell '59(XI)
Carolyn (Wells) Halliday '63
Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54

The following are people whose Letter has come back saying they moved. If you know of a current address for anyone, could please let the Association know.
'24:    Marion (Wood) Davison
'32:    Clare (Cochius) Gillingham (F)
'36:    Phyllis (Noseworthy) Mercer, Pat
     (Mosdell) Rose
'37:    Jean (Parsons) Stentaford
'38:    Joan (Miller) Rhind
'40:    Elaine Small
'41:    Jean (Wells) Bastow
'42:    Vera (Vavasour) Edgecombe
'43:    Olga Butler, Reynette (Pinsent) Hall (VII),
     Elizabeth (Bastow) Murray
'44:    Irene (Levitz) Freed, Jean (Winsor) Lilly
'47:    Shirley (Porter) Farley, Vera (Crossman)
'48:    Lorraine (Pendergast) Downton
'51:    Mildred (Field) Skanes
'52:    Patricia (Cross) Winsor
'53:    Mary (Brown) Schmitt
'54:    Margaret (Roberts) Fraser, Cynthia
     (Tizzard) Keddie
'55:    Jennifer (Dancey) Burggraaf, Ann (Snow)
'56:    Elizabeth Andrews, Margaret (Clarke)
     Dawe, Beverley (Dawe) Pope
'57:    Brenda (Levitz) Breeding, Maxine (Rowe)
     Brown, Louise (Knight) McCutcheon
'59(XI):    Karen (Edgecombe) Argent
'59(X):    Judy (Chambers) Binns
'59(IX):    Anita (Lane) Hessenauer
'60:    Lois (Mercer) Bannatyne, Sylvia (Nixon)
     Kent, Kathryn Templeton
'61:    Nancy Riche
'62:    June Feaver
'64:    Janet Crosbie (VII)
'66:    Cynthia Cook, Joy (Murrin) Hoskins,
     Nancy (Cooper) Osberg
'68:    Jocelyn Cook, Helen (Hancock) Ryan
'70:    Sharon Smith
'71:    Elizabeth Earle (VI), Valerie Winter (VIII)
'72(IX):    Jacqueline Navratil
'72(VIII):    Sharon Sterrett
'72(VII):    Brenda (Holwell) Brechtel, Daphne
     Crane, Helen Haynes, Beverley (Parrott)
     Norman, Debbie (Cook) Peddle
'72(V):    Heather (MacKenzie) Jeans
'72(III):    Jacqueline (Hutchings) Sharpe
Year Unknown:    Bonnie (Moore) Beattie (4?),
     Elsie (Bradbury) Bond, Jean (Mugford)
     Good, Bonnie (Dawe) McDowell, Pat
     (Carter) Taylor
Faculty:    Mercia (Tibbs) Church (F40-43),
     Eileen (Hill) Colbourne (F), Phyllis
     (Ploughman) Piercey (F)
Men:    Peter Godfrey, Ted Goodridge, Ronald
     Steele, Gordon Williams

Manning Award
Judith (Barrett) Price '59 with the Manning Award for Excellence in the Public Presentation of Historic Places which was presented to the Class of '59 for the Spencer Girl statue and parkette.

News from Alumnae
Emma (Green) Forbes '62 has lived in South Africa, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Gabon, Brunei, and Aberdeen. She and her husband and three sons have now permanently settled in London.
Helen (Epstein) Ghent '51 has been living in Sudbury for the past 46 years. She is very active in community issues and is a volunteer for the cancer Society. In 2002 she was awarded the Queen's Jubilee Medal for her service to the community. Congratulations, Helen!
Barbara Ann (Winsor) Cadigan '62 currently works with the Newfoundland and Labrador government in the Department of Innovation, Trade, and Rural Development. She has her own small business, "Brush 'N Canvas, Original Art Work" featuring original acrylic art works for the past 14 years.
Elisabeth (Frost) Spilling '59(XI) has been a nurse and an air stewardess and now lives in Norway. She now works in telecommunications for the Norwegian government in is quite active in politics for the liberal party in Norway.
Sabine Marechaux '56(VI) is living in Switzerland where she practises dentistry in Geneva.
Barbara (Purdy) Williams '55(IX) graduated from Queens University in 1964. She now works in Long Term Care in High River, Alberta. She has six grandchildren, one of whom is named Spencer!
Diane (Hardie) Dronsfield '66 is now living in Surrey, British Columbia, where she is an avid snowboarder in winter and gardens in the summer.
Sharon (Hayward) Gray '62 married a US serviceman and has lived in many places during his military career. They are now retired and living on a small lake in warm and friendly South Carolina. She extends the invitation, "Y'all come!!!"
Betty (Whalen) MacDonald '66 is living in Calgary where she has worked for the Calgary Public Library for the past 25 years.
Gladys Richards '44 has worked as an actress in England, Ireland, New York, Hollywood, Stratford, Montreal, and Toronto. From 1968 to 1992 she worked as a director/producer for TV Ontario. She is now retired and living in Toronto.
Ray (Kelsey) Martin '48 and her husband have just celebrated their 50th Anniversary. Our good wishes go out to them. Ray is now living in LaSalle, Quebec.
Barbara (Brooks) Ryan '52 is retired from active business but is still the majority shareholder in Telelink. She spends the winter in Tucson, Arizona, and divides her time in the summer between Manuels and Salvage.
Marian (Garland) Roberts '41(X) is now living in Halifax and would love to hear from members of the classes of '41 and '42. She has 12 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

If anyone has a news item for the above space, please send it in.

If you move, please send us your new address whether or not you're a member we like to keep in touch! Once every two years (next time: Jan. 2006) we send a Spencer Letter to everyone on the list.

Saturday, Nov. 6, 2004, 12 Noon
Woodstock Colonial Restaurant, Topsail Road, Paradise
(Avalon area Spencerians: click here )

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   Spring 2004 brought the great news of three Spencerians who have been recognized for their contribution to the life, work, society, & youth of this province. We are so proud of them! We all share with them the need to serve that was instilled in us at Spencer and we share with each of them the pleasure and gratification that their awards bring.

   Ruth Canning '59(IX). Ruth was honoured by the YMCA-YWCA as one of four Women of Distinction at the 11th annual brunch of the organization; she received the award for her work in heritage conservation. Ruth is a well known St. John's realtor who has received recognition, as well, from her company as she's a top sales person. All the best, Ruth.

   Susan (Harvey) Patten '50. Susan has been named as one of the very first group to receive the new Order of Newfoundland and Labrador. While she's a well-known businesswoman and a stalwart of St. Thomas' church, she was honoured particularly for her work with the Girl Guides of this province. All of us who were Guides at Spencer are especially "tickled pink" by this one of our own who spent years serving the organization now being recognized for that contribution. Congratulations, Susan.
   Janet Steer Story, R.N. '42 was awarded an honourary Doctor of Laws degree at Memorial University's May Convocation. Along with fellow Spencerian Ada (Green) Nemec '42 your editor attended and listened to an interesting and perceptive oration by MUN public orator Shane O'Dea an oration that ranged from Janet's great-grandfather on the Southside to Janet's own stellar career in Nursing.
   The session of Convocation was the one in which graduands received degrees in Nursing and in Medicine and Janet spoke most appropriately to them outlining some of the history of the two disciplines in Newfoundland and Labrador. She talked about the early days of nursing, the beginnings of nursing education, Nonia, the cottage hospital movement, and mentioned some of the great pioneer nurses, their activities on the job and their contribution to our province. It was a most interesting and informative speech and we noticed the audience hanging on to every word especially two former Ministers of Health, His Honour the Lieutenant Governor Edward Roberts and the University Chancellor the Hon. John Crosbie!
   It was an honour to be there to share the day with Dr. Janet Story. WELL DONE.

Fama Vivit Award
Betty Williams receiving the Fama Vivit Award, presented by Elizabeth Reynolds.

Class of '54
Class of '54 on Sonia's deck at Cupids: Catherine, Jeannette, Jean, Joan, Robena, Grace, Myra, Elspeth, Sonia.

   The Class of '54 was small even by Spencer standards just 24 of us graduated from Grade XI after every one of us passed the Dept. of Education-set external exams.
   Half of us got together this summer to celebrate more than 50 years of friendship. Jeannette (Peet) Barber came from Utah for the first time back in 24 years! She'd missed the Spencer 2000 reunion staying with her Dad so that sister Shirley (Peet) Baird '59(XI) could attend. Joan (Finley) Crocker, Georgina (Pike) Jones, and Jean (Ryan) Mackinnon came from Ottawa and Myra (Barnes) Carter came from Montreal. Rev. Joyce Payne flew in from Bay of Islands and joined the St. John's crew Catherine (Puss Young) Waterfield, Robena (Vallis)Welyhorski, Sonia (Streeter) May, Elspeth (Munn) Baird, Marie (Cook) Walsh, Grace (Hiscock) Hollett, & Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds for a pot-luck on Friday night at Scam's. A Cupids tour of the dig and church followed by a picnic at Sonia's country home took place on Saturday and a final dinner on Monday where we were joined by various spouses, siblings, & friends. We sandwiched the events between the Government House Garden Party the Wednesday before and the Regatta the Wednesday afterwards so visitors could take full advantage of the activities. Joan
aka "Finn" did just that her winnings at the Regatta were hardly in the Lotto 649 category but they did take up quite a bit of space in Georgina's car en route home to Ottawa ('only a "small" bookcase, George' she was overheard saying!) The(undisclosed) $ winnings stayed in Newfoundland.
   Did we mention that a good (make that great) time was had by all? So much so that when Scam & Robena stayed with Finn this fall and met up with Jean & Janet (Stone) McAdam (who'd been "home" earlier in 2004) a plan was hatched to meet again in 2005.
   The plan for early July 2005 is to rent a large van, drive from St. John's to Gros Morne Park for a two to three day stay and then on to St. Anthony & Lance aux Meadows for another two to three. Fifty-fourers can join us in St. John's, along the route, or at the Deer Lake Airport. Robena has just spent three weeks driving with Scam and will provide a reference (good one, too) for her ability to pilot both van & crew. E-mail Scam at if you're interested.
   The Class of '54 thank Scam for organizing the 04 events, Elspeth & Sonia for helping, and Sonia & Art May for hosting the picnic. We were glad to have a little money left over to donate to the scholarship fund.

from Frances Stuckless
   For the past three summers the BSC class of '49 have had luncheons at Clovelly. Members attending this August were: Edith (Clark) Phillips, Allison (Chafe) Collins, Lorraine (Hopkins) Laite, Eugenie Kelsey, Frances (Cowan) McKinlay, Phyllis (Squires) White, Margaret (Fowlow) Noseworthy, Lottie (Hiscock) Cooper (USA), Elizabeth (Gosse) Hillier, Sylvia (Luscombe) Kelsey, and Frances (Dicker) Stuckless. We always have news from the non- attending girls and we look forward to a 'get together' next year.

Contributions to this space would be most welcome short verse or essay, any special or general memory, class news. SEND ALONG ASAP.

Donations to the Scholarship Fund are now being sought. Contributions of any size would be most welcome and are tax deductible. You can send a cheque to the treasurer. For donations of substantial size, please call treasurer Ruby Legge at 709-579-6219. Our scholarships are supporting deserving young women in post-secondary studies.
Fees are now due for 2005.
Your $10.00 fee for membership is due every January. This fee enables us to keep running and to publish the Spencer Letter. Please send it along to treasurer Ruby Legge, 58 Airport Heights Drive, St. John's, NL A1A 4Z7. THANK YOU if you've already done so.
     Ottawa: Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre '59 at 613-741-9483
     Toronto: Elizabeth (Wheeler) Gibson '63 at 905-853-9646
     England: Elaine (Whitten) Polley '64 at 011-44-189-523-9946
     St. John's: Barb (Parsons) Clancy '63 at 739-0981 or e-mail:


In Memoriam
1.Hildred (Little) Perfect '49. A group of 12 girls attended the funeral.
2.Helen (Warren) Irving '37.
3.Grace (Lush) Ruggles '36.
4.Alice (Hayward) Cook '29.
5.Jane Gosling F.
6.Valda (Winter) Tiller '59.
7.Gert (Murray) Crosbie '42.
8.Audrey (Stirling) Norman '25.
9.Olga (Gullage) Dalton '61.
10.Margaret (Clarke) Harvey '43.
11.Cynthia Vavasour '37.
12.Audrey (Rowe) Hillyard '47.
13.Juanita (Rose) Crocker '48.
14.Jean Holden '25.
15.Shirley (Kennedy) Kelland '47.
16.Daphne (Brown) Earl '42.
17.Ida (Levitz) Mauskopf.
18.Harrison Roil 'C38.
19.Don Kelland 'C. Husband of Barbara (Bartlett) Kelland '43.
Deepest sympathy to the families who mourn.
Please let our secretary Ruth (Noseworthy) Green '63 know if anyone should be included in the Obituaries.

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