Vol. 5, No. 3 Scholarship Edition          March 2004

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president: Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63
editor: Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54
assist. editor: June (Earle) Wheeler '55

Dear Spencerians:
  Greetings from Convent Lane in scenic Torbay, NL.
  This being my first edition of the Spencer Letter, I welcome any news items you send me and I also would like your input for what you would like to see in future Letters; negative or positive comments will be received with thanks.
  Please note the e-mail address & Website and direct all mailed correspondence to the address at the top of this page.
  There will be more news and information in the April Letter, this being a short contact with all Spencerians.

That's all from me.
Happy Easter / Passover

June Earle Wheeler '55

Hi everyone:
  I'm so happy to welcome June as part of the editorial team (this time that consisted of June, Barbara, myself, & Soppy my cat who "helped"); as usual Bruce did all the technical work. This issue is our special scholarship mailout that goes to all Spencerians on our list once every two years. We want to keep in touch so that you all know about the scholarships, the scholarship fund, and other bits of news. Please keep in touch with us send us your news, your memberships, your updated addresses & phone numbers, and donations to the scholarship fund.
  Regular Spencer Letters are sent only to paid up members twice a year.
  We look forward to seeing all those who can make it at the spring luncheon.

Take care.

Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54
Saturday, May 1, 2004
Place: To be announced

  I've been thinking a great deal about "connections" lately and the need that we all feel to keep in touch with those who are important in our lives. The connections we have with others can take many forms family, friends near and far, colleagues from work, the neighbour across the street, the nodded hello to the vaguely familiar face at the supermarket. Many of our connections are an important part of our daily lives and some come to us over a span of years longer than we care to recall.
  Isn't it amazing and wonderful how the years just seem to roll away when we make connections with the girls who shared our Spencer experience? (Even more amazing and wonderful that, at 45, 55, 65, 75, we can still refer to ourselves and each other as "girls", forever young!) It seems like only yesterday that we were sitting across the aisle from each other in Grade 7, singing "Land of the Silver Birch" around a Guide campfire, making cheese pinwheels in Domestic Science, or setting up the stalls for the Spencer Sale. Our time together at Spencer connects us to each other for life.
  Why not take a few moments today to recall and renew your Spencer connections. Make a phone call, get together for coffee, organize a class potluck or, for the more ambitious among us, a weekend class reunion. Please fill out and mail the membership form which allows us to stay connected to you. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care,
Barbara Parsons Clancy 63
Alumnae President

Any Spencerian who is a paid-up member and owns a business is eligible to have a link to her business Website put on the Spencer Website. E-mail Bruce at or call 709-754-0506.
If you move, please send us your new address whether or not you're a member we like to keep in touch! Once every two years we send a Spencer Letter to everyone on the list.

All donations are welcome and tax receipts will be issued for Canadian donations. The scholarships, a legacy of the Spencer 2000 Reunion, are awarded to deserving young women. Application forms may be obtained from the Association.

Order form & details enclosed.
Note: Send your membership fee now due and bios too see reverse of order form.

President: Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63
Vice-President: Judith (Barrett) Price '59
Secretary: Ruth (Noseworthy) Green '63
Treasurer: Ruby (Downer) Legge '64
Past President: Betty (Cook) Williams '51
Director: Shirley (Bourne) Kelly '53
Director: Shirley (Cook) Larkin '51
Director: Carolyn (Wells) Halliday '63
Editor: Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54

Ruth Elizabeth Martin '55 on February 29, 2004.
Deepest sympathy to her family.

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