Vol. 5, No. 2              October 2003

the Spencer Letter is the official publication of the
- Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association -
P.O. Box 21382, St. John's, NL, Canada    A1A 5G6    709-739-0981

president: Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63
editor: Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54
assist. editor: June (Earle) Wheeler '55

Dear Spencerians:
   Greetings from warm sunny St. John's! Summer has stretched past its "due date" and we are still seeing lovely weather. This has been a year of changeover as we say goodbye to past-president Betty (Cook) Williams '51 who had a three year stint at the helm after spending the previous three years as reunion chair more than "a job well done", a job (or two jobs) superbly done. We all wish Betty & her husband Chico the very best as they take up their new life "around the bay."
   Betty has left the Alumnae Association in good hands Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63, my friend and next door neighbour has taken over as president we've already met at her house and she's brimming with new ideas. Barbara was the first person I talked to about the Reunion when it was just a twinkle in my eye nearly ten years ago and her early encouragement meant so much to me. Lead on, President Barbara!
   At the executive meeting I was delighted to nominate Judy (Barrett) Price '59 as Vice-President. When I asked her privately if she'd be willing to accept nomination, she said "I'd be honoured!" So are we all honoured to serve.
   I'm delighted to have June (Earle) Wheeler '55 aboard as Assistant Editor. June's been moving to a more rural setting, too (Torbay); but you'll see her words of wisdom in the next Letter.
   Be sure to pay your dues, come to the Nov. 1, 2003 luncheon and sale BRING YOUR DONATIONS, and write to let us know about you or other Spencerians that you know. Advance warning: New T-Shirts or Golf Shirts coming out in the spring more on this in the next Letter.

That's it from me.
Take care; an early Merry Christmas / Happy Hannukah

Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54
Saturday, Nov. 1, 2003, 12 Noon
RCAF Club, Bldg. 565, Roosevelt Ave., Pleasantville, St. John's
(Avalon area Spencerians: click here )

   I am so pleased to be writing my first President's Message to you. I look forward to the next three years as we work together to continue to build a strong and dynamic Alumnae Association.
   I think it would appropriate at this time to revisit the Aims and Objectives of our association as stated in the Constitution ".. to encourage contact among members; to keep alive and pass on the "Spencer" spirit; to promote the development of chapters; and to maintain a scholarship fund for young women." So how are we doing?
   This Spencer Letter has become an excellent way for members to keep in contact with one another. Elizabeth has done an admirable job of putting together an interesting and informative newsletter several times a year. I am sure that she would welcome input and contributions from members so please send her news items, pictures, and the like to put into the newsletter so that we may all keep in touch. Also several class groups have organized get-togethers so that they stay in touch with one another. How wonderful it is that the many friendships made at school have lasted through the years!
   The Class of '59 has led the way in keeping alive and passing on the Spencer spirit. It is through their initiative, enthusiasm, and dedication that we now have a lasting monument to the Spencer spirit for all to see. They have made us all very proud to be Spencerians. The Class of '64 worked together to produce lovely note paper packets as a fundraiser for the scholarship fund. Congratulations to them as well! Is there another class group out there ready pick up the torch to develop and carry out the next project, large or small?
   At the November luncheon we will be presenting our second group of scholarships to two very deserving young ladies. All of our applicants are intelligent, well-rounded students who make real contributions to their
schools and communities. Each of them would have made an excellent "head girl"! We look forward to presenting many scholarships to outstanding young ladies in the coming years.
   Several chapters of the Alumnae Association have been formed in the time since the reunion. Some are more active than others and that is quite understandable given distances and the busy schedules that most of us have. It would be encouraging if each chapter could have at least one get-together in the coming year, just to keep in touch with each other. Be sure to send a report and pictures to Elizabeth for the newsletter. Perhaps there are members who would like to organize a meeting to start a new chapter in their area. There are many members in the Halifax area, for instance, or Calgary, or Vancouver is anyone willing to volunteer to organize a luncheon or pot luck in each of these places? We can provide you with the names and contact information of Spencerians in your area to get you started.
   I hope to see many of you at our luncheon on November 1st. I have it from reliable sources and on good authority that the food will be excellent, the fellowship most enjoyable, and the Sale worth the money. See you there!

Alumnae President

Any Spencerian who is a paid-up member and owns a business is eligible to have a link to her business Website put on the Spencer Website. E-mail Bruce at or call (709) 754-0506.

If you move, please send us your new address whether or not you're a member we like to keep in touch! Once every two years (next time: Jan. 2004) we send a Spencer Letter to everyone on the list.

The "Spencer Girl" has been nominated for a Manning award. Elinor received the following letter in late August. Keep your fingers crossed that the statue / park will actually win the award! By the way, the information plaque has been designed and will be affixed later this year.

Grand Concourse Logo

19 August, 2003

Elinor Ratcliffe
Bishop Spencer Class of '59
185 Ontario Street, Unit 1604
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 2Y7

Dear Mrs. Ratcliffe:

Subject: Nomination of Bishop Spencer College Monument for Manning Award

The Grand Concourse Authority recently nominated the Bishop Spencer College Monument for the Manning award, which recognizes 'excellence in the public presentation of historic places'. We believe the monument project spearheaded by your class has resulted in a beautiful and effective representation of the significance of Bishop Spencer and the many schools of the area.

For your information, please find enclosed a copy of our submission, and a little information on the award program.

Edward Versteeg, B. Comm., B.D. (ep)
Senior Designer
In 1993 the Historic Sites Association created the Manning Award for Excellence in the Public Presentation of historic places in order to recognize and encourage the fine work being done by these groups. The annual award honours the late Bill Manning, former Parks Canada Superintendent of Historic Sites in Newfoundland and Labrador, who realized that the preservation and presentation of our sites needs the involvement of the people in these communities. The Manning Award is a fitting tribute to this man and his achievements and is under the distinguished patronage of His Honour, the Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Since 1993 there have been over 50 recipients of the Manning Award, from all parts of the province.

News from Alumnae
Dr. Linda (Sheppard) Whelan '61 has taken over as editor of The Newfoundland Quarterly. The Quarterly is a 102 year old publication devoted to all aspects of Newfoundland life and is owned & published by Memorial University. For information or to subscribe write Linda at The Newfoundland Quarterly, Spencer Hall, Memorial University, St. John's. Linda has a Ph.D. in Anglo-Saxon literature. We wish her well in her new position.

If anyone has a news item for the above space, please send it in.

Fees are now due for 2004. Your $10.00 fee for membership is due every January. This fee enables us to keep running and to publish the Spencer Letter. Please send it along to treasurer Ruby Legge, 58 Airport Heights Drive, St. John's, NL A1A 4Z7. THANK YOU if you've already done so.

Donations to the Scholarship Fund are now being sought. Contributions of any size would be most welcome and are tax deductible. You can send a cheque to the treasurer. For donations of substantial size, please call treasurer Ruby Legge at 709-579-6219. Our scholarships are supporting deserving young women in post-secondary studies.

We still need lists of those who were there in the last years 1972 K - IV and addresses that are missing. If you have a class list of any kind from that period, please send it to us.

The Treasurer says we have over $7000.00 on hand; this gives us some flexibility in what we do. Membership stands at 265. Membership fees are due in January for 2004 but Treasurer Ruby will take them anytime before then!
Effective immediately, the permanent address for the Alumnae Association is:
Bishop Spencer Alumnae Association
P.O. Box 21382
St. John's, NL Canada A1A 5G6

All mail, with the exception of membership payments and enquiries, can be sent to the above address. The membership address remains the same:
BSCAA Membership
58 Airport Heights Drive
St. John's, NL Canada A1A 4Z7

The Class of '64 is selling note cards in aid of the Spencer Scholarship Fund. The cards depict linographs done by Spencerians in the 30's and 40's. These cards will be available at the Spencer Luncheon and Sale on Nov. 1, 2003. If you would like to order cards please contact Ruby (Downer) Legge at 579-6219. The price for a package of 10 cards to be mailed is $12.50 (includes mailing).
     Ottawa: Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre '59 at 613-741-9483
     Toronto: Elizabeth (Wheeler) Gibson '63 at 905-853-9646
     England: Elaine (Whitten) Polley '64 at 011-44-189-523-9946
     St. John's: Barb (Parsons) Clancy '63 at 739-0981 or e-mail:

The late Jean Ellen (Butler) Messervey '22 wrote poetry until the day she died. The following speaks for itself!

Robin Redbreast

A poem by Jean Ellen Messervey in her 98th year.

Robin Redbreast sits on a treetop high,
He is singing to all who are passing by,
He sings with joy as the warm summer sun
says, "Winter is gone, now have some fun".

So he sings with joy, his heart abate.
He is hoping his song will bring a mate.
A female robin hears his song,
Her heart is touched, it lures her near;
She creeps nearer, the better to hear.
A gentle note of assent is heard
A welcome sound to the singing bird.
He goes to her. Nature's task is over,
And robins will inhabit this earth forever.


Send us your poems on any subject.

Do we want a brief reunion in 2004 (50 years!) I've only heard from one person who said YES! Last chance drop me a line or ring me up before Christmas and I'll plan something for late July / early August. Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds, 12 Kent Place, St. John's, NL A1B 1V5, 709-722-4546.

The Class of '59 held a late summer class reunion at Woody Island Resort in Placentia Bay. It was by all accounts a huge success. About 16 attended; they reminisced; they laughed; they cried. We think by this time all voices have probably recovered but it was touch & go for a while.
  BSC EXECUTIVE 2003 2004
Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63
Judith (Barrett) Price '59
Past President:
Betty (Cook) Williams '51
Secretary and Archives:
Ruth (Noseworthy) Green '63
Ruby (Downer) Legge '64
Director Membership:
Shirley (Bourne) Kelly '53
Director Scholarship Committee:
Shirley (Cook) Larkin '51
Director Liaison/Chapters Social:
Carolyn (Wells) Halliday '63
Editor - The Spencer Letter:
Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds '54

Contributions to this space would be most welcome short verse or essay, any special or general memory, class news. SEND ALONG ASAP.

The class of '63 held a get-together for a pot luck dinner in August at the home of Barbara (Parsons) Clancy. Those in attendance shared stories and memories, caught up on news, laughed a lot, and had a delicious meal. In the picture are:
Back row (l-r):   Judy Guy, Sharon (Summers) Bursey, Claudia (Dawe) Earle, Vivian (Bowering) Pallard, Anthea (Facey) Donnan, Rosalie (Hiscock) Ralph, Carolyn (Wells) Halliday
Middle row (l-r):   Velma Green, Linda (Harvey) Bennett, Wendy (Butler) Phillips, Susan (Baird) Atkinson
Front row (l-r):   Ruth (Noseworthy) Green, Ruby (Cluett) Kocurko, Veronica (Adams) Walker, Barbara (Parsons) Clancy

Class of '63 Get-together

Janet (Cook) Neil, Delta, BC, Canada
Just wonderful 'girls'. Would like to hear from anyone in class '58 and others.
Douglass (Robertson) Ziedelis, Lexington, MA, USA
Great website!
Lois (Clarke) Nagy, Franklin, TN, USA
New e-mail address. Would love to hear from the girls of '64.
Marsha McDonald (Boyd), Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Would love to hear news from the class of 1965.
  Valerie Noel, Burlington, ON, Canada
I am very pleased to finally see a Bishop Spencer web site. I am from the last graduating class (72) and would LOVE to hear from anyone who was in that class. Would like to see more articles added to the website, including pictures!
Janet (Dodd) Simmons, Paradise, NF, Canada
Great site, sorry I didn't get info about the Reunion last year. Maybe next time.


In Memoriam
1.We say goodbye to one of our oldest graduates Jean (Butler) Messervey '22 who died earlier this year at age 98. (See page 5)
2.Harriett (Hattie) Freeman '31 who was so happy when her grand-niece Linda Kelly won the Stirling Prize last year.
3.Mary (Godden) Mercer '35.
4.Ruth (Belbin) Guzzwell '34.
Deepest sympathy to the families who mourn.
Please let our secretary Ruth (Noseworthy) Green '63 know if anyone should be included in the Obituaries.

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