Vol. 4, No. 3              October 2002

the Spencer Letter is the official publication of the
- Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association -
P.O. Box 21103, St. John's, NL, Canada    A1A 5B2    709-437-6920

president: Betty (Cook) Williams '51
editor: Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54

Dear Spencerians:

   Hello from St. John's where a warm and lovely August has turned into a mild and fairly sunny September. As I write on the first day of autumn, it is 21 C and the sun is shining.
   The park to house "the Spencer Girl" has been started. City crews are digging and constructing at the corner of Military & Kings Roads. The bronze statue by Luben Boykov will be erected soon. The class of '59 should have all kinds of thanks heaped on them for getting this project going, and to Eleanor (Gill) Ratcliffe who provided most of the funds our thanks and appreciation forever.
   The plaque has been placed on the cornerstone next to the tree we planted in Bannerman Park during the reunion. It has the school crest on top and the motto (in Latin) on the bottom with a paragraph of explanation between.
   I'm still looking for an assistant editor who will take over the Letter when I "retire" in 2003. Barb (Parsons) Clancy is kindly doing some of this one as I'll be in Toronto taking another appraisal course during the crucial writing/editing period.
   I'd like to add my personal congratulations to the scholarship & prize winners - more about that later in the Letter.
   Don't forget to turn out for the fall meeting and sale if you're in or near St. John's. We always have a wonderful time at these get-togethers.

   Have a great fall. Is it too soon to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and best wishes for '03.

Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54
Saturday, Nov. 2, 2002, NOON
Elks Club, Carpasian Road., St. John's
Cost $15.00
  Phone: 570-7475 for tickets which can be delivered or picked up at the door. If you wish to pay by VISA you may do so at the door but your ticket must be pre-booked.
Lunch will be a cold plate, dessert, and tea or coffee. There will be an open cash bar for those who wish to have wine with lunch.
There will also be a Bring and Buy Sale. Donations of baked goods, pickles, jams, jellies, crafts, and other miscellaneous items can be brought to the luncheon. The sale will be held after the lunch.

I can't believe that two years have passed since we had our Reunion. Time passes so quickly, but even now the contact with school friends and classmates continues with a bond that will probably last the rest of our lives.
On May 11, 2002, we held our 3rd Annual General Meeting with approximately 100 women in attendance. We enjoyed dinner at Pinewood Place in Paradise and we were delightfully entertained by a children's choir from St. Andrew's School. Following the performance we gave them a donation towards their music program.
During our Reunion we planted a blue spruce tree in Bannerman Park. This past year we had the school's cornerstone placed in front of the tree and a commemorative plaque installed. I encourage everyone to visit it.
Across the street on the corner of Military and King's Roads, construction has begun on the parkette that will hold the statue of the Spencer girl. Hopefully we will see it completed by next summer. We are extremely grateful for the donation of funds that allowed the Class of 1959 to undertake this project.
Also this year we are proud to say that two scholarships and a special academic excellence award in the total amount of $5000 were given to three young ladies attending post-secondary programs. These scholarships will continue for years to come. Please encourage your daughters / granddaughters / great-granddaughters / nieces to apply. More information will be available on this in the new year.
Newsletters are being mailed out only to alumnae members so encourage your friends to join the BSC Alumnae Association. Fees are only $10.00 a year and are due in January.
Remember each year we have two luncheon get-togethers, the second Saturday in May and the first Saturday in November. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there.
I wish you all happiness and good health and thank you for keeping in touch.


Betty (Cook) Williams '51
BSC Alumnae President
The Class of '64 is selling note cards in aid of the Spencer Scholarship Fund. The cards will depict linographs done by Spencerians in the 30's and 40's. These cards will be available at the Spencer Luncheon and Sale on Nov. 2, 2002. If you would like to order cards please contact Ruby (Downer) Legge at 579-6219. The price for a package of 10 cards to be mailed is $12.50 (includes mailing).

The grand prize winner was Sarah (Elliott) Dewling '59 of Trouty, NL with runner-up Mereda (Shute) Cornick '50 of Bedford, NS. Everyone who entered got a consolation prize! You'll notice that the next contest winner will be chosen differently it was a nightmare trying to adjust for time & distance. (It's never too late too learn!)
New contests follow later in this Letter.

Fees are now due for 2003.
Note: We are sending this Letter just to paid-up members. Just $10.00 a year sent to Ruby Legge, treasurer at 58 Airport Heights, St. John's, NL A1A 4Z7 gets you the Spencer Letters and notification of any St. John's events.

PULEEEESE ..... send us your new address, phone number, fax, e-mail, etc. if you are moving; we'd like to keep the list up-to-date. (See Lost Alumnae list later in this issue.)

The new chair of the membership committee is Shirley (Bourne) Kelly '53.

This year the BSCAA awarded its first scholarships. We were pleased to receive 14 applications from students studying in Canada and the US. The applicants were following a variety of programs, among which were education, general arts, medicine, political science, and music. As a result of very generous donations to the scholarship fund, we were able to award two scholarships and a special award for outstanding academic achievement.
The recipients of the scholarships were Kimberly Butt, daughter of Vickie (Jeans) Butt '71 and Jessica Montes, daughter of Patricia (Belbin) Montes '64.
The recipient of the award for outstanding academic achievement was Linda Kelly, daughter of Janet (Freeman) Kelly '61.
We extend our congratulations to the successful applicants and to all who applied.
We encourage all those who are eligible to apply for the 2003 scholarship. Eligibility criteria and applications will be available on the BSC website early in the new year.

My first is in foot but not in hand.
My second's in lad but not in man.
My third's in ankle but not in socks.
My fourth's in love but not in pox.
My fifth's in five and also in six.
My sixth's in seven but not in sticks.
My seventh's in flub but not in lard.
My eighth's in open but not in yard.
My ninth's in nine and also in ten.
My tenth's in third but not in pen.

The winner will be chosen this way:
All correct entries received before Nov. 30, 2002 will be put in a hat and one will be drawn for a prize. Send to: Contest #1, the Spencer Letter, 12 Kent Place, St. John's, NL A1B 1V5
We are trying to find current last names and addresses for the following people:
Class of 1972(IV) Allison (Fripp), Allison (Fisher), April (Dyckson), Beata (Cho), Bonnie (Small), Carol (Story), Cathy (Shears), Cheryl (Blundon), Christine (Lacey), Dawn (Sullivan), Grace (Woodford), Ingrid (Sheppard), Jane (Middleton), Jessie (Cole), Jillian (Mercer), Roxanne (Lynch), Suzanne () Kelland-Dyer, Wanda (Chafe), Wanda (Summers), Wendy (Summers)
Class of 1972(III) Colleen (Moyst), Jennette (Summers), Jill (Martin), Michelle (Bellows)
Class of 1972(II) Heather (Martin), Jackie (Johnson), Janice (Brown)

Scavenger Quiz
Answer the following questions all correct answers received before Nov. 30, 2002 will be put in a hat and one will be drawn for a prize. Send to: Contest #2, the Spencer Letter, 12 Kent Place, St. John's, NL A1B 1V5
Use a separate piece of paper for each contest.
1.What is the LATIN motto of Feild and Spencer?
2.In what year did Spencer move to its final location?
3.Who was the longest serving headmistress?
4.What was the location of the "secret" boarded-up room?
5.What was the official street address (number and name) of Spencer?
6.What were the two main things that deportment girdles were awarded for?
7.What was the official name and number of the BSC Girl Guide Company?
8.What were the two main team sports played at Spencer?
9.What was the name of the nearby after-school hangout that was named after first world war equipment?
10.What month, day, and week was the Spencer sale held?

Those of you who attended the 2000 Reunion will remember the tree planting ceremony that was held at that time at Bannerman Park. This year a commemorative plaque was installed, mounted on the cornerstone of the school building. This cornerstone was salvaged from the school site after the fire in November 1999 and was displayed on the front step of Bishop Feild School during the Reunion. We felt it was very fitting for the cornerstone to be used as a mounting block for the very attractive plaque commemorating the Reunion in 2000.
Reunion plaque
     Ottawa: Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre '59 at 613-741-9483
     Toronto: Cheryl Whitten '68 at 416-449-1337 or e-mail:
     England: Elaine (Whitten) Polley '64 at 011-44-189-523-9946
     St. John's: Ruby (Cluett) Kocurko '63 at 745-8131 or e-mail:


In Memoriam
1.Ethel Brinton '25 in Ottawa at age 92. Ethel and her sisters Hilda Dobson (our beloved gym and dancing teacher) and the late Mary Canning were graduates of Spencer and the daughters of the Rev. Jacob Brinton who taught scripture at Spencer on occasion and who baptised many of us at the Cathedral. Ethel had a distinguished teaching career at Spencer, at Memorial College, and as teacher and director of the British Institute in Mexico where she spent 28 years; she latterly moved to Ottawa to be near Hilda and her family. She received a honorary degree from Memorial in 1986. Many Spencerians attended her Ottawa funeral to pay their last respects to one who was so interested in the BSCAA.
2.Our deepest sympathy to Eleanor (Gill) Ratcliffe '59 one of our strongest supporters on the very sudden death of her husband.
Deepest sympathy to the families who mourn.

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