Vol. 4, No. 2              April 2002

the Spencer Letter is the official publication of the
- Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association -
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editor: Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54

Dear Spencerians:
It is early spring in St. John's the sun is out, clouds are scudding across the sky, clotheslines are flapping in the gale, the crocuses are about two inches above ground, and the last remaining piles of grubby snow are rapidly disappearing. As I write this on Easter Tuesday, I remember other Easter holidays of long ago how on one Maundy Thursday I was sent home with details of a dress in which I would play the part of Miss Muffet in the Grade I play. The material sprigged muslin could be purchased at Ayre & Sons and the dress had to be made to specifications with white collar & cuffs! Easter holidays in Grade VIII were warm and I got my bike out of storage oh the freedom and rode around visiting my friends some of whom were going to the annual Masonic children's party I was so envious. Easter in Grade X was very special: the first of Spencer's recorder groups had played in the third (I think) Kiwanis Music Festival that year and the final concert was to be held during the holidays. We were invited to participate what an honour and we were rounded up by telephone and told to be at Pitts Memorial Hall by 7:15 pm sharp. We played "John Peel", I think, and some other simple tune. (It had to be simple or I wouldn't have managed!) I think it was also that year or the next when we (not me everybody else in the class) sang the operetta John Gilpen for the spring concert.

One of President Betty's winter memories is of singing Happy Birthday to Miss Cherrington every February 20 in morning assembly. We'd love to hear your memories of spring & Spencer & St. John's of yesteryear drop a line some time.

Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54
St. John's, May 11, 2002, NOON
at Pinewood Place, Octagon Pond, Paradise
Cost $20.00
Phone: 570-7475 for tickets which can be delivered or picked up at the door. If you wish to pay by VISA you may do so at the door but your ticket must be pre-booked.

The statue of the little Spencer girl that is going to be erected soon was on display at the St. John's Landscape Show at the end of March. If you'll pardon the rather awful pun, it is classy! She is bronze and stands in front of a huge concrete open book and she's counting on her fingers; she's in a tunic with girdle and a blouse and is quite charming.

The plan is to have a special parkette on Military Road at the top of Kings Road carved out of a bit of the present parking lot and dedicated to this memorial. The folks who own Moo-Moos grocery and ice cream parlour abutting this site are protesting the loss of parking spaces in the area (even though City Council has made other spaces available). A group of us from the Executive and the Class of '59 et al went to the City Hall committee meeting that was hearing the protest and your editor spoke on behalf of all of us. The matter was decided in favour of the parkette but we understand the Moo-Moos owners, the Ryan family, plan additional action.

I know you will all be as excited as I am to walk by this statue and sit on a nearby bench and remember. The whole city not just us Spencerians should be grateful to Eleanor (Gill) Ratcliffe and the Class of '59 for making this possible. It was a very special contribution from Eleanor that started this project and she has continued her support of and enthusiasm for it. It commemorates our school days at Spencer for all of us.

Note: We are sending this Letter just to paid-up members. Just $10.00 a year sent to Ruby Legge, treasurer at 58 Airport Heights, St. John's, NF A1A 4Z7 gets you the Spencer Letters and notification of any St. John's events.
one whose fame lives shall never die
The Alumnae Board of Directors is proposing to introduce an award to honour in each year four Spencerians who have made an important volunteer contribution to the BSC Alumnae Association and/or to their community. A special committee will be set up to administer the selection of winners of the FAMA VIVIT (one [whose] fame lives) award. Please we'd like to hear your comments about this and your ideas. In the meantime we are starting off by sending you in this Letter a
form so that you can nominate another Spencerian. (No self-nominations quite against school spirit!) You should send your nomination to reach us by the December 31, 2002 deadline. The winner will be announced in the Spring 2003 Spencer Letter and, if feasible, the awards will be presented at the 2003 AGM luncheon in St. John's or at branch functions.

Thanks to all of you who are sending contributions to the Scholarship Fund. The amount of money in the Scholarship Fund has doubled since July 2000! The Scholarship Committee has decided to award two separate scholarships. We sent a copy of the scholarship criteria to everyone on our list almost 1500 of you early this year. Please let us know if you or someone you know of did not get one. Over 60 were returned because people had moved. So......

PULEEEESE ..... send us your new address, phone number, fax, e-mail, etc. if you are moving; send us names & addresses for any Spencerian you know who did not get the January mailout; we'd like to keep the list up-to-date. (See Lost Alumnae list later in this issue.)

1.The Telegram had a most interesting article about Miss Edith Manuel on March 26. Consult the Spencer Web site to read it.
2.The Word for Home, a novel for young readers by Joan Clarke, is now available at your local bookstores. The two young protagonists attend Spencer in the 1920's and there's a very sympathetic portrait of the headmistress, Miss Witherspoon a thinly disguised Miss Cherrington.
3.If you have e-mail and did not get notification of this Letter in the past few days, send us an e-mail with your e-mail address. (see below)
4.HELP We are looking for an Assistant Editor of the Spencer Letter who will work with me on the next two issues and become editor starting with the fall 2003 issue. Phone me at 722-4546.
5.The chair of the Membership Committee has had to retire with our thanks. We are looking for a St. John's area based Spencerian to serve out her term (until AGM in 2003.) Call Betty at 437-6920.
6.The secretary Ruby (Cluett) Kocurko '63 has available condolence, thank you, and thinking of you cards. Please call her at 709-745-8131 if some Spencerian is in the hospital or if a Spencerian or close relative dies.
7.The plaque at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist has been examined by artist Gerry Squires. The crack was found to be part of the natural firing process but Gerry will keep an eye on it and repair it if necessary.
   The archival materials donated at Reunion 2000 have now been unofficially handed over to the Memorial University Library's Centre for Newfoundland Studies and at this time we would like to thank those Spencerians who donated items for the Spencer Collection and to remind everybody that it is never too late to donate to this valuable collection.
   It was apparent during the Reunion that many of us had kept the handcrafted items that we made as students at BSC. As these items are not appropriate for the Centre for Newfoundland Studies, they would make a very valuable addition to the Newfoundland Museum as a collection of BSC handwork.
   To assess whether or not this project is possible, we would like to ask all Spencerians, who would like to donate their handwork to the Newfoundland Museum, to contact Ruth Green (contact information below) with the details of the handwork to be donated.
   The information needed would be a description of the article (i.e. potholder knit with twine, or cotton apron, embroidered) measurements and condition of item as well as interesting information (handcrafted by .... in Grade ...., Teacher ....). Of course a photograph of the item would be ideal.
   Once we have made an inventory of items to be donated, we would be able to assess (with the curatorial staff of the Newfoundland Museum) whether or not it would be a viable addition for the Museum, keeping in mind that perhaps not all items may be accepted, especially if there is great duplication.
   This is an exciting project and we look forward to hearing from you.

Ruth Green
113 Bauline Line
Portugal Cove, NF A1M 2V4
Tel: 895-2005

The Spencer Sale was a great success! While we had to skip the first Wednesday of October, we did have a wonderful morning and luncheon at the Elks Club in St. John's on a November Saturday. There were three stalls baked goods, fancy work & novelties, and handkerchiefs. Your editor managed to be a latter day Miss Bulley and make $200.00 on the handkerchief stall! Total take was $700.00 which was used towards the scholarship mailout. Lunch was great too.
We have had several donations to the Scholarship Fund in memory of Spencerians and family members. Memorial donations will be receipted and acknowledged with a note to the family of the one(s) remembered if applicable.
Please use the format here.
     Ottawa: Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre '59 at 613-741-9483
     Toronto: Cheryl Whitten '68 at 416-449-1337 or e-mail:
     England: Elaine (Whitten) Polley '64 at 011-44-189-523-9946
     St. John's: Ruby (Cluett) Kocurko '63 at 745-8131 or e-mail:

The Express newspaper, St. John's on April 10, 2002 published the following letter, to which I have replied suggesting it might be Miss Crump's copy. I expect to hear from Ms. Hayto again. Isn't it fascinating!

Dear Editor
   Recently, I was browsing amongst the books in a second-hand shop when I came across a well-thumbed copy of the play Toad of Toad Hall by A. A. Milne. It interested me, so I bought it.
   On further inspection, I found an inscription inside connecting the book to 'Bishop Spencer College, St. John's, May 1954.'
   Also included were signatures from the following people: Louise Knight, Jeanette Tucker, Connie Poole, Anne Cole, Clare Woods, Patsy Harnum, Jean Marshall, Martha Means, Barbara Ann Williams, Donna Hiscock, Glennis Skirving, Linda Penney, Andrea Lear, Julia Bartlett, and Bernice Cook.
   This copy of the play might have belonged to the producer/director, since it contains stage directions and notes such as "Norma and Francis too far apart" and "Send for ferrets etc."
   I find the whole document absolutely fascinating. I'd love to hear from any of the participants, or anyone else who remembers the performance.
   I have searched the Internet without success for any mention of the school, so I'd also like to know if it still exists.
   I can be contacted by e-mail at or by post c/o St. Ann's Library, Nottingham, England NG3 4EZ.
   I look forward to hearing more!
Yours, Liz Hayto
Nottingham, England

Reprinted with the kind permission of the Editor of the Express Steve Bartlett.
Thanks to PWC grad. Eleanor (Dawe) Bonnell et al for alerting me to this letter.
   I just want to thank everyone for continuing their membership in the BSC Alumnae Association. Please encourage your friends, relatives, & classmates to send their fees.
   Also a big THANK YOU to those who've supported the scholarship fund.
   I look forward to seeing St. John's Spencerians at the May AGM & luncheon.
   Have a safe & happy summer.

Betty (Cook) Williams '51
BSC Alumnae President

Prize for the first correct answer sent by snail mail to: CRYPTIC, 12 Kent Place, St. John's, NF A1B 1V5 (Note: "first" means earliest postmark; so make sure the post office hand cancels your letter.) In case of a tie, an entry will be drawn from a hat.

My first is in cat, but not in dog.
My second's in hen and also in hog.
My third's in beetle but not in worm.
My fourth's in gerbil and also in germ.
My fifth's in beaver but not in mouse.
My sixth's in mink but not in louse.
My seventh's in wren but not in crow.
My eighth's in grub but not in vole.
My ninth's in turbot but not in seal.
My tenth's in cow but not in veal.
My eleventh's in martin and also in finch.
So write up your answer you'll find it's a cinch.

Send your answer along with your name and address. Note: we are handicapping for distance.

Class of 1951 50th Anniversary Luncheon (Sept. 2001).
50th Anniversary Luncheon
BACK: Violet (Groves) McDonald, Dorothy (Bourne) MacNeil, Pearl (Gosse) Clouston, Daphne (Udle) Wyatt. FRONT: Shirley (Cook) Larkin, Florence (Bartlett) McNeilly, Elsie (Smith) Simpson, Betty (Cook) Williams

We are trying to find current last names and addresses for the following people:
Class of 1969 Adele (Raymond), Annette (Lee), Diane (Clarke), Elizabeth (Noseworthy), Felice (Cohen), Gail (Tuttle), Helen (Morgan), Janice (Pike), Jocelyn (Hefferton), Judy (Yetman), Karen (Locke) Kiersey, Karen (Percy), Lesley (Epstein), Lisa (Piercey), Mary (Godden), Sharon (Nichol), Thelma (Wise), Yvonne (Purvis)
Class of 196x Lynn (Noseworthy) 196x, Helen (McBay) 196x(I), Linda (McBay) 196x(K)
Class of 1970 Barbara (Walters), Brenda (Dicks), Caroline (Spargo), Cathy (Pittman), Charlotte (Miller), Diane (Gulliver), Elaine (Hutchings) Furlong, Elaine (Cheator), Gail (Chislett), Gail (Stack), Heather (Hollett), Judith (Tomlinson), Louise (Freake), Margaret (Sandeman), Marilyn (Green), Rosalind (Butler), Roxanne (Noseworthy), Susan (Richards), Susan (Smith)
Class of 1971 Brenda (Cook), Debbie (Sellers), Heather (Johnson), Holly (Vallis), Lois (Johnson), Lorna (Sullivan), Mary (Tingley), Susan (Mills)
Class of 1972(IX) Anna (MacMillan), Barbara (Locke), Beverley (Blais), Cathy (Baker), Claire (Fripp), Dierdre (Gale), Gail (Boone), Glenda (House), Jane (Lockwood), Jeanette (Stoyles), Judy (Squires), Judy (Woodford), Karen (Moncrieff), Kirstie (Laird), Linda (Brownstein), Louise (Freake), Michelle (Moores), Roberta (Lee), Sandra (Sampson), Valerie (Baker)
Class of 1972(VIII) Bonnie (Roberts), Bonnie (Legge), Carol (Piercey), Carol (Tricco), Charmaine (Brown), Christine (Blundon), Cynthia (Clarke), Daphne (Squires), Debbie (Snelgrove), Deborah (Cormey), Dorothy (Alexander), Dorothy (Miller), Elaine (Hollett), Gail (Butler), Glenda (Snow), Heather (Thistle), Jacqueline (Newhouse), Karen (Lee), Kathlean (Quinlan), Kelly (Burke), Lesley (Fey)
Class of 1972(VIII) Selina (Allen), Sharon (Bennett), Shelagh (Burke), Valerie (Baker)
Class of 1972(VII) Anne (Severs), Barbara (Raymond), Bernardine (Mercer), Beverley (Clarke), Bonnie (Summers) Ring, Cathy (Cole), Cindy-Lu (Edwards), Corinne (Bailey), Debbie (Stoyles), Debbie (Lester), Debbie (Lacey), Debbie (Davis), Diane (White), Donna (Whiteway) Spurrell, Donna (Percy), Doreen (Noseworthy), Jane (Duffett) Parsons, Jane (Nichol), Jill (Moores), Jody (Post), Juanita (Hibbs), June (Brown), Karen (Bancroft), Mandy (Snelgrove), Mary (Lindsay), Mary (Blundon), Mary Ann (Lambert), Mirranda (Snelgrove), Mona (Butler), Rishma (Jamal), Roberta (Gulliver), Rosanne (Small), Susan (Sampson), Susan (Quigley), Susan (Pepler), Virginia (Whalen)
Class of 1972(VI) Agnes (Chipman), Barbara (Sampson), Beverly (Pittman), Bonnie (Butler), Carol (Sheppard), Caroline (Barlow), Cynthia (Snow), Darlene (Dicks), Debbie (Johnson), Debbie (Squires), Debbie (Winsor), Diane (Stone), Donna (Izzard), Janet (Ridgeway), Janice (Andrews), Kathryn (Small), Linda (Osmond), Linda (Learning), Lynn Ann (Learning), Marlene (Chaytor), Shelly (Bancroft), Sherry (Lester), Stephanie (Gough), Wanda (Emberley), Wanda (Chipman)
Class of 1972(V) Alphia (Welsh), Bertha (Chipman), Beverly (George), Carol Anne (Woodford), Carol Ann (Spurrel), Charmaine (Norman), Christine (Chalker), Cynthia (Boone), Dale (Johnson), Deborah (Pottle), Donna (Bannett), Dorothy (Torraville), Faith (Gulliver), Faye (Squires), Gail (Gosse), Heather (Burry), Jacqueline (White), Janet (Winsor), Janice (Lester), Jennie (Roberts), Jill (Andrews), Joan (Freake), Leah (Whalen), Linda (Moores), Linda (Chipman), Lorraine (Spurrel), Marilyn (Guest), Mary (Squires), Mary (Butler), Michelle (Williams), Pamela (Brown), Ramona (O'Brien), Sandra (Wrigley), Susan (Summers), Violet (Squires), Wanda (Stokes), Wanda (Smith)


In Memoriam
1.Kathleen White, Faculty.
2.Roberta (Ritcey) Harley '41. Apr. 5, 2002 in St. John's, aunt of Joan Ritcey '69 and Rosalyn Watt '62
3.Ann Sparkes, mother of Diane Seary '53.
4.Betty (Ford) Meek '33. Nov. 29, 2000.
5.Edna (Baird) Stephenson, part time faculty.
6.Pauline Windsor '62.
7.Joan (Goodridge) Maher '28, mother of Patricia Porter.
8.Audrey March '52. Sept. 30, 2001.
9.Maureen (O'Reilly) Collingwood '43, mother of Lynn Green '69.
10.Gertrude May Ellis '25. Dec. 2001.
11.Cynthia (Parsons) Landrigan '46, sister of Joan Parker '52.
Deepest sympathy to the families who mourn.

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