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editor: Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54

Dear Spencerians:

The very first Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association Scholarship will be presented for the academic year 20022003. Information and application forms are included with this LETTER, which we are mailing out to everyone on our list (not just members). Additionally, advertisements for the scholarship will be placed in the media in lots of time to receive applications by the May 15, 2002 deadline. Please review this material and pass on the application forms to any eligible student.

Donations to the scholarship fund are always welcome and are now tax deductible. Please send contributions made payable to: The Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association Scholarship c/o Ruby Legge, 58 Airport Heights, St. John's, NF A1A 4Z7.

For further information about the scholarship write to: BSC Alumnae Association Scholarship, P.O. Box 39111, St. John's, NF A1E 5Y7 or email:

The Scholarship Committee (chair: Ruby Cluett Kocurko '63) has worked very hard at getting this package ready they deserve a very big round of applause.
Your membership fees are now due for 2002. It's just $10.00 for regular members and $5.00 for associate members. You receive two Spencer Letters (spring & fall), advance notice of events, and other mailings that might occur. The Alumnae Association pays for all its expenses out of these low fees.
Send your cheque to Ruby Legge, treasurer, at the address above.
If you move, please send us a change of address form so you will continue to receive the Letter.
Check out our new Guest Book feature and register your comments we'll try to print some in the next SPENCER LETTER.
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Happy 2002 everybody!
Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54

We are trying to find current last names and addresses for the following people:
Class of 1960 Anne (Pike), Bonita (Dawe), Brenda (Hunt), Diana (Eeg), Diane (Snelgrove), Dorothy (Chaytor), Elizabeth (Lewis) Laverty, Elizabeth (Cook) Parker, Elizabeth (Winsor), Heather (Stevenson), Helen (Bradbury), Isabel (Cornick), Jeanette (Barnes), Joan (Warford), Joan (Dewling), Judy (Griesbach), Kathleen (King), Marilyn (Davenporte), Mary (Raymond), Maxine (Dawe), Rae (Coultos), Sandra (French)
Class of 1961 Carol (Earle), Elizabeth (Pitcher), Faith (Parsons), Fronie (Pretty), Judith (Hiscock), Judy (Dawe), Linda (Hammond), Linda (Barnes), Maisie (Hiscock), Marilyn (Noseworthy) Pope, Marjorie (Wadland), Olga (Gullage) Dalton, Sandra (Boone), Shirley (Duffett) Holden, Susan (McLennan), Virginia (Martin)
Class of 1962 Carol (Stone), Christine (Roberts), Cynthia (Post), Drexell (Barbour), Dulcie (Horwood), Elizabeth (Miller), Faye (Harnum) Casey, Gloria (Andrews), Heather (Pushie), Heather (Kirby), Janet (Cook) Mattingly, Joyce (Hall), Rene (Mercer), Rosalind (Pennell), Sharon (Green)
Class of 1963 Barbara (Saunders), Barbara (Morgan), Dawn (Godfrey), Elizabeth (Clarke), Glenda (Fraser), Joan (Evans), Mara (Benson), Susie (White)
Class of 1964 Alice Ann (Brown), Betty (Sheppard), Beverley (Hiscock) Cantwell, Charlaine (King), Cynthia (Spencer), Darlene (Moulton), Dorothy (Wise), Elizabeth (Martin) Postlewaite, Geraldine (White), Helen (Purvis), Janet (Warren), Linda (Andrews), Lynn (Corcoran), Renee (LeMessurier), Ruth (Belbin), Sally (Bennett), Sarita (Doctors), Sylvia (Chard)
Class of 1965 Ann (Vokey), Annette (Noseworthy), Brenda (Sullivan), Christine (Moore), Deborah (Fost), Diane (Edgecombe), Dorothy (Morgan), Glenda (Cook), Heather (Monkman), Heather (Cook), Heather (Wells), Janet (Hammond), Jennifer (Sheppard), Judy (Arns), Linda (Parrott), Lynn (Munn), Valerie (Post), Wanda (Smith)
Class of 1966 Aina (Krumins), Betty (Whalen), Carol (Hamlyn), Dale (White), Elizabeth (Smith), Ingrid (Hodder), Ingrid (Thrush), Ingrid (Chafe), Jayne (Griesbach), Jennifer (Davis), Lisa (Trenchard), Lorraine (Gorman), Marilyn (McLean), Monica (John), Nancy (LeDrew), Peggy (Learning), Rae (Christensan), Susan (Quick), Wendy (Johnston)
Class of 1967 Anne (Scott), Bev (Cook), Carol Ann (May), Donna (Morgan), Donna (Chafe), Eleanor (Bonner), Elizabeth (Hammond), Evelyn (Hobbs), Gail (Duffett), Gail (Pearcey), Karen (Smith), Marilyn (Vokey), Mary (Snow), Pamela (Clarke), Phyllis (Mercer), Roberta (Mercer), Roxanne (Dunford), Sandra (Skiffington), Sylvia (Gulliver)
Class of 1968 Barbara (Williams), Beverly (Legge), Cathy (Greene), Deborah (White), Donna (Spurrell), Jennifer (Crane), Jennifer (Rose), Jill (Kelly), Jocelyn (Kelland), Lillian (Spurrell), Linda (Lacey), Ruby (Barnes), Sandra (Johnston), Trudy (Meyers) Lilly
     Ottawa: Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre '59 at 613-741-9483
     Toronto: Cheryl Whitten '68 at 416-449-1337 or e-mail:
     England: Elaine (Whitten) Polley '64 at 011-44-189-523-9946
     St. John's: Ruby (Cluett) Kocurko '63 at 745-8131 or e-mail:

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