Vol. 3, No. 2              Winter 2001

the Spencer Letter is the official publication of the
- Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association -
P.O. Box 21103, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada A1A 5B2    709-437-6920

editor: Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54

Dear Spencerians:
It has been a very difficult winter in St. John's. At the time of writing the record for annual snowfall has been broken and now stands at 605 cm. Records have been kept since 1874. In mid-February there was estimated to be 345 million tonnes of snow on the ground in the City! The temperature was one half degree C colder than usual so we had very little of our normal winter rain. It's April and we're still shovelling. All but two of Spencer executive & committee meetings were postponed because of the weather. We persevered, however, and all meetings are now up to date.

We're a bit disappointed that fewer than 200 Spencerians have sent their $10.00 membership fee and so are the only ones receiving the Spencer Letter. If you do receive a copy, it means you're a paid-up member (or a very recent addition to the Spencer list.) If you know of anyone who has not received the Letter, please tell her to forward her $10.00 ASAP to the treasurer Ruby Legge, 58 Airport Heights Dr., St. John's, NF A1A 4Z7 or to BSC Alumnae at the Address on the letterhead. You may, of course, download the Letter from the Web page. Following are notices of future events, reports from the committees, and President Betty's report. Please let us know your news so that we can publish it for the fall Spencer Letter.

I have just completed a very interesting project. St. John's writer Joan Clark has just written a book in which the heroine goes to Spencer in 1926. Joan talked to me about Spencer some time ago, and I've just finished reading draft three in typescript. It will be published in 2002 as a novel for young adults but I know you will be as excited about it as I am. I'll let you know the final title and the publication date so you can pick it up. Meanwhile do read "Latitudes of Melt" her latest book about Newfoundland.

Note: A copy of the revised constitution is enclosed. It will be voted on at the AGM in St. John's on May 5, 2001.

Have a happy & carefree summer.
Saturday, May 5, 2001      1:00 pm

C. J.'s Diner, 25 Sagona Avenue      Cost: $15.00
Donovan's Park, Mount Pearl      Call Marie at 682-7058 or 437-6920

To all you Spencerians, who decided to remain with us as Alumnae members. I thank you on behalf of the BSC Alumnae Executive and wish you all a Happy 2001.
We have been busy carrying out the work of the Alumnae, first by revising the Constitution in order to bring it up to date with our new objectives for the next few years. You will find the proposed amendments in this letter; your suggestions and input will be greatly appreciated.
At our Annual meeting during the Reunion, we agreed, if we had a healthy "bottom-line" after all Reunion expenses were paid, to set up a Scholarship fund. I am really pleased to inform you that we will be investing $12,000.00 for this purpose. A special Scholarship foundation will be set up to manage the funds, set criteria, and screen the applicants. It is hoped that the first scholarships can be awarded for the September 2001 school year.
One of our new objectives is to encourage development of Chapters. There are currently two in Ontario, one in Newfoundland, and one in England, we would like to see them in every Canadian province, and a USA Chapter or representative. If you would like to get involved and plan one for your area, please let us know and we will help you get started.
This letter now goes out only to paid up Alumnae members; if your friends do not receive it, encourage them to send their $10.00 fee to the Treasurer, Ruby (Downer) Legge.
With all the snow we have had this winter, I expect it will still be here by late Spring, flowers may be scarce this year in Nfld. However, I leave you with this saying "(Friends) are the flowers in our lives that never fade"; since our Reunion many of our friends who were "dormant" for many years have once again come in to bloom.

Betty (Cook) Williams '51 (709-437-6920)
BSC Alumnae President
Ruby (Downer) Legge '64
tel: (709) 579-6219

Well, lots of money has exchanged hands since the alumnae has been set up and the bulk of it occurred during the reunion. Some details for your information.
We took in approximately $82,378 for reunion activities and disbursed approximately $65,347. The revenues covered everything from Registration Fees, Shirt Sales, Banquet Fees, Fun Night Fees, Girl Guide Fees, Beret Sales, Cook Book Sales, Crest Sales, Ticket sales on the dolls, Spencer Prints, and Jam Sales.
The expenses covered all of the above plus things like Pins, Name Tags, Pudding Bags, Tote Bags, Insurance, Archives, Opening / closing ceremonies, Janitorial Services, Tree Planting, the plaque for the Cathedral, and anything miscellaneous I have forgotten.
As of the end of February 2001 our bank balance was $20,793.28. However, we have established a Scholarship Committee and $12,000 of the $20,793.28 is committed to setting up a BSC Scholarship. The details of which have to be worked out over the next few months. That will leave us with a balance of approximately $8700. We continue to have various postage costs and printing costs for minutes of meetings, and the newsletters. There will be expenses associated with the Annual General Meeting in May 2001 and on it goes. The alumnae purchased a used computer and printer for the Treasurer to keep the financial records at a cost of $768. The computer has been put to good use and of course there are expenses associated with the operation of the computer / printer.
Financially we are a healthy group right now, but we cannot do it without your continued support. I look forward to hearing from many of you in the near future. All the best.

Chair: Ruby Cluett '63
The first meeting of the Scholarship Committee was held March 1, 2001. An amount of $12,000 was approved to go to a scholarship fund to be administered by the Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association. It is hoped that the first scholarship will be awarded September 2001. A document containing the terms and conditions of the scholarship, including eligibility, selection criteria, and where the award is tenable, is being drafted for approval. The President will look into our being able to issue receipts so that donations are tax deductible.
A note will be placed in the Spencer Letter concerning donations and tax receipts once the information is finalized.

Chair: Barb (Parsons) Clancy '63
The committee has held two lengthy meetings and hammered out the proposed changes (see attached copy). The new / revised items will be put to the membership at the AGM and the latest constitution will be sent out to chapter chairs and posted on the Web site.

Chair: Susan Halley '66
The committee has had an initial meeting to discuss its mandate.

Chair: Ruth (Noseworthy) Green '63
The committee is working to locate good "homes" for all the archival material collected from Spencerians. Some material on paper will go to the University archives; other locations such as the Newfoundland Museum are being considered for other items.
Chair: Marie (Cook) Walsh '55
One of the functions of the Alumnae's Liaison Committee is to encourage formation of Chapters across Canada. If there is not one in your area and you are interested in having one, just contact us and we will help you get started. Our second function is to keep all our Chapters up to date with what is happening through the Alumnae Executive.
Thirdly, we are willing to assist any class who would like to have a class reunion or get-together; and finally we arrange the two yearly Alumnae luncheons.

The Annual General Meeting and Spring Luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th, 2001 at 1:00 pm, CJ's Diner, 25 Sagona Avenue, Donovan's Park, Mount Pearl. Tickets will cost $15.00 and can be purchased from any member of the Committee.
Barbara (Brooks) Ryan 834-3115
Jean (Carmichael) Mullowney 368-5286
Phyllis (Miller) Angel 726-8707
Marie (Cook) Walsh 682-7058 or 437-6920

We look forward to seeing you there.

1. Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63 for hosting so many executive & committee meetings at 10 Kent Place. (Your editor particularly likes the location even if she did find a patch of ice and crash to the ground while running across our common driveway one night.)
2. Bruce Reynolds for agreeing to serve on the membership committee.
3. Janet (Downer) Butler '59 for extraordinary help with financial matters during the Reunion (better late than never!)

The spring auction has been replaced by the Spencer sale! Not, however, on the first Monday in October but in connection with our fall meeting on the first Saturday in November. The usual stalls will be there fancy work (start knitting, sewing, & crocheting), white elephant, candy & baked goods, and handkerchief. Your editor is in charge of the handkerchief stall I volunteered so PLEASE, collect all the hankies you can over the summer (antique stalls & stores sometimes have them) and send them to me at 12 Kent Place, St. John's, NF A1B 1V5. I think I'll have tea towels too on the stall!

Toronto will be holding its annual luncheon on April 29, 2001 at King City Eaton Hall. Contact: Cheryl Whitten 416-449-1337 for details.

In March President Betty presented a framed poster of Spencer to Mrs. J. Puddester, principal of Bishop Feild School, to be part of Feild's permanent collection of school related pictures.

Please let us know your new address, phone number, fax, e-mail, etc.
The Class of '59 wanted to do something special to commemorate Spencer as they were the last Grade XI class. Eleanor (Gill) Ratcliffe '59 gave a stunning donation of $25,000.00 to get the project started. A committee of the class conferred with President Betty & other executive members and then made a decision about the memorial. They have commissioned internationally known sculptor Luben Boykov (who has a studio & foundry in Torbay) to do a bronze statue of a girl in a tunic. Sites on which to erect the statue were discussed and at press time it seems that a site owned by the City at the corner of Military & Kings Roads will be likely. A small park-like area is planned to surround the bronze Spencerian. Any person or class wanting to do any memorial is asked to contact the President or the Chair of the Liaison Committee before proceeding.

Right now, you can order navy blue sweat shirts with the Spencer crest; the Spencer fine art print depicting the school before 1972 it has been created from an original water colour by Elizabeth (Wheeler) Gibson '63; and the Spencer cook book. Order form

Contributions to this space would be most welcome short verse or essay, any special or general memory. SEND ALONG ASAP.
     Ottawa: Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre '59 at 613-741-9483
     Toronto: Cheryl Whitten '68 at 416-449-1337 or e-mail:
     England: Elaine (Whitten) Polley '64 at 011-44-189-523-9946
     St. John's: Ruby (Cluett) Kocurko '63 at 745-8131 or e-mail:

Reunion Dinner
We met old friends and
We met old friends and
we all talked at once!
we all talked at once!
We are trying to find current last names and addresses for the following people:
Class of 1953 Ella (Green), Faith (Pippy), Georgina (Oakley), Gertie (Bishop), June (Thomas), Pam (Neville), Patricia (Clark), Shirley (Osmond), Shirley (Vatcher)
Class of 1954 Marilyn (Miller), Sherrill (Harnum), Yvonne (Rideout)
Class of 1955 Betty Lou (Parsons), Coralee (Smith), Gertrude (Rendell), Glenna (Skirving), Janet (Howell), Loretta (Chaffey), Lucia (Millet), Lucy Aukenbauch, Marie (Lane) Winsor, Marina (House), Martha Means, Merlie (Skinner), Sandra (Woods), Shirley (Snow), Sue Ann (Fenski)
Class of 1956 Barbara (Greer), Elaine (Moore), Elizabeth (Moore), Elizabeth (Andrews), Esther (Summers), Geraldine (Short), Helen (Noseworthy), Helen (Martin), Jean (Seaward) Robbins, Jean (Pike), Jennifer (Heath), Joan (Breakey), Joan (Jeans), Mabel (Chafe), Margaret (Clarke), Marjorie (Cooke), Mary (Rose), Miki (Campbell), Patsy (Joyce), Sally Ann (Clouston), Sue Ann (Ryall), Ulve (Nurmet)

Reunion Scenes - July 2000
Fun Night - comic relief?
Fun Night - comic relief?

Our tree - Bannerman Park
"Our" tree - just north of the Bandstand in Bannerman Park. The plaque will go in front of it.
present Mrs. Puddester with cheque
Betty (r) & Elizabeth (l) present Mrs. Puddester, principal of Feild, with a cheque.

Miss Brinton dances once again
Miss Brinton dances once again on the stage at Feild.


In Memoriam
1.Doris (Mercer) Cramm, a former headmistress, in New Brunswick in the summer of 2000.
2.E. Ramsay Murray '36 sister of our last headmistress Jean Murray '33, suddenly in St. John's on April 3, 2001. Jean has been one of the strongest supporters of the BSC Alumnae and we sent a special message of sympathy to her. Several members were at Ramsay's funeral.
3.Olga (Bubby Thistle) Noel '39 suddenly in Clarenville in late 2000.
4.Lois (Cake) King '41 in Calgary in March 2001.
5.the Rev. Noel Brewster [husband of faculty member Daphne (Eden)] who was vice-principal of Queen's College in the early 1950's, in Winchester in February 2001.
Deepest sympathy to the families who mourn.
We note that secretary Ruby Cluett has had a special sympathy card printed with our crest and we are sending these to the families of the deceased.

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