Vol. 3, No. 1              Fall 2000

the Spencer Letter is the official publication of the
- Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association -
P.O. Box 21103, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada A1A 5B2    709-437-6920

editor: Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54

Dear Spencerians:
Reunion 2000! It's all over but the shouting! What a reunion! What shouting .....
From the moment I stood at the lectern in the Cathedral to make the welcoming address on Wednesday night to the moment when (almost bruised from all the hugs) I left Bishop Feild late on Sunday, it was a high point of my life. Rarely have I seen so many people hug each other, cry tears of joy, exclaim over lost friends now found again, and be so enthusiastic to attend various events. I have been very touched by the words of appreciation that so many of you spoke both during the Reunion and since.

I particularly want to thank all of you who made a point of speaking to me there, who sent all the cards & letters later, and who come up to me wherever I go to say what a great time we had we sure did, didn't we!

Do I have any regrets? Well, I didn't get to see and talk to all the people I really wanted to there were just too many of us there. I'm sorry I missed June (Miles) Argall '45 who taught me in Grade IV, and Jeannie Weaver (Betty Jean MacPherson '48) who wrote me after the first Spencer Letter to offer her support, and the Schwerdt sisters from England whom I remember from before I went to school ... and several others. My second (and only other) regret is that I missed Sports Day. I was really looking forward to WINNING the egg & spoon since I always dropped the egg in years gone by! However, stuff happens, and I chose to spend some of Saturday afternoon
visiting Minnie (Brown) Miles '19 and her family at Hoyles-Eskasoni. (See Obituaries)

As I have said to so many of you rarely have I done anything that afforded me such pleasure as start the ball rolling for Reunion 2000 and being involved in all the planning for it. Actually, Betty (Cook) Williams '51 was the one who kept it rolling & enlisted the world's finest crew of volunteers to help. I'm so grateful to Betty and to all of you who made it work and work so well.

To the outgoing executive, I want to say a special word of thanks for your support & willingness to do all the "joe" jobs that came up.

To the members of the Class of '54, my friends (although, there were a few moments during FUN NIGHT when none of them would have claimed friendship with me) especially Sonia who spent weeks on the phone tracking down Spencerians and Finn who arrived for the Reunion & her "holiday" and immediately was put to work: "TA" you guys I owe you!

To Jean Murray '33 whose unfailing & enthusiastic help made so much of the Reunion planning run smoothly THANK YOU.

I realize I could cover this whole issue by naming all the Spencerians who helped and who have sent thank-yous so I'll stop you know who you are & what you did and how grateful I am.

So to the future. When we started the BSC Alumnae Association in March of 1998, we had no idea if the Reunion was an end in itself that we were working toward or if it was a major event in an Association that was to have a longer life, indeed. After branches were formed and as the start of the Reunion drew closer, we all realized that the latter was true. In fact, the Reunion seems to have been a starting point for an Association that now has closer ties between its members, has plans for the future, & has acquired a presence in the City of St. John's.

The new executive is working towards updating the constitution to reflect the new reality, working on starting new branches, and is discussing fund-raising in the future and to what purpose such funds will be put. At the moment, a committee has been struck to investigate the possibility of establishing a scholarship; and, if this is feasible, to develop some criteria. The scholarship, if it is established, will initially draw on funds remaining after all Reunion bills have been paid. If you have any ideas or comments, please PUT THEM IN WRITING and send them to Betty see address at front.

I want to wish Betty & the new executive well and appeal to you all to give them the same great support you gave me.

Very best wishes for a happy Christmas / Hanukkah season and for 2001.

To the 650 Spencer girls who registered and attended the Reunion in July, we thank you. The response was indeed overwhelming, and each event attendance was far beyond our expectations. The three years of planning was indeed well worth it.

Our Reunion goal was to get as many "old" Spencerians together as possible, to enable each person to renew friendships and relive old memories. Also, to give each class an opportunity to have their own "get together." We believe we achieved these goals to their highest heights.

From here on we will keep the Alumnae alive by continuing our twice yearly newsletters, our luncheons every Christmas and spring, along with the annual meeting. We will continue to promote the setting up of BSC Chapters until we have one in each Province and in the U.S. We will encourage and help those currently in place in Ottawa, Toronto, St. John's, and England to remain active and grow.

For those of you who were unable to attend and would like to keep in touch with your own classmates, contact us and we will provide you with your class list of names and addresses or a class contact person.

Personally, I wish to thank the many women who served on the Planning Committee and chaired the various sub-committees for all your time and expertise, and the 40 plus volunteers who worked with these committees and throughout the Reunion; without their help the success of this event may not have been possible. Also a very special thanks to Bruce and Matthew who worked with us and the Alumnae throughout the past three years.

We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to keep in touch through your membership in the BSC Alumnae.

Wishing you all a very happy festive season.
Betty (Cook) Williams '51 (709-437-6920)
Reunion Chairperson & Alumnae President

report of the Archives Committee
As many of you know, the Archives Committee of the BSC Reunion 2000 took on the challenge of finding our Kindergarten dolls house, in hopes of displaying it at our reunion. Sadly, we had no luck in locating the dolls house, but we are still searching. According to Elizabeth Reynolds, the most frequently asked question at the Reunion was "What has happened to our dolls house?" If any Spencerians have old photographs of the dolls house or information that might lead us to the dolls house, or if you have any idea of where it might have spent its last days, please contact the Alumnae Association. We do know that when Spencer had its doors closed in 1972, the school board moved the dolls house to Bishop Feild kindergarten. It was removed from Bishop Feild for repairs some time later and that is where we lost track of it.

History of the Dolls House and Furniture
The dolls house originally belonged to the four Garland sisters: Constance (Connie), Rosaleen (Rose), Ruth, and Marina. When Connie and Rose started school together in 1930/31 their mother decided that she would donate their dolls house to the school 'so that all the kindergarten children could enjoy playing with it'. Little did Mrs. Garland know how many children would come to love the dolls house over so many generations!

Rose does not know who built the dolls house but believes that it may have been a Mr. Vey who worked in the framing department
of her father's bookstore, S. E. Garland, Garland Building, Water Street, or by a friend of Mr. Vey's. The house was dark green with white trim. Rose had so many happy memories of the dolls house that her husband, Colin, built one based on Rose's memories. It was for their daughter, and Rose spent quite a lot of time furnishing the house.

When the dolls house was given to Spencer by Mrs. Garland, it contained furniture which was added to by the donation of furniture hand made by Frederick Wood, father of Elizabeth (Wood) Lewis, in the early 1930's. Elizabeth recalled the furniture: ".... a piano with keys that did not work (but were cut of paper and glued on; a music bench with a removable top that held tiny sheet music; the dining room table which opened out, with separate leaves (held with tiny finishing nails); chairs with carved backs, each one different and a carvers chair with arms." Elizabeth left Spencer in 1937 and 'the furniture was almost gone then' (worn by tiny hands).

I would like to thank Elizabeth (Wood) Lewis '37 and Rose (Garland) Pike '45 for their kindness in giving me information on the dolls house and furniture. And of course, we are all very grateful to Mrs. Garland and Mr. Wood for giving us such great memories of our Kindergarten at Spencer.

Ruth (Noseworthy) Green '64
     Ottawa: Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre '59 at 613-741-9483
     Toronto: Cheryl Whitten '68 at 416-449-1337 or e-mail:
     England: Elaine (Whitten) Polley '64 at 011-44-1895-239946
     St. John's: Ruby (Cluett) Kocurko '63 at 745-8131 or e-mail:

The Archives Committee of the BSC Reunion 2000 would like to thank all those who gave their support to the Reunion Archives through donations and loans. We received wonderful comments on the Archives and all indications are that it was a great success.

The Archives Committee would, at this time, like to encourage all Spencerians to donate to the Spencer Archives. All original paper materials and photographs from Spencer will form part of the Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland's collection on Bishop Spencer College.

If you have items that you would like to donate, please contact the Alumnae Association President Betty at 709-437-6920.

Please remember that all paper materials and photographs should be original (not copies) and all should be accompanied with as much information as you have on each article, i.e. photographs should be accompanied by a list of those persons in the photographs, where and when it was taken, etc.

Thank you all!
Archives Committee Members:
Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63
Carolyn (Wells) Halliday '63
Joan Ritcey '69
Ruth (Noseworthy) Green '64 (Chair)
Minnie (Brown) Miles '19. Mrs. Miles' picture appeared in our very first issue. At the time of the Reunion she was, according to our official records, our oldest living alumna. Mrs. Miles came to the opening church service and was to help plant our commemorative tree. However, she became ill the morning of the tree planting and she died a couple of weeks later - just a few days before her 99th birthday. To her daughter Lorna Baum and her Spencerian grand-daughter Heather Predham '72(III) we extend our sympathy.

Our next issue will, we hope, contain an order form for navy blue polos and other items (? berets, tote bags, pins, etc.?) Right now, you can order navy blue sweat shirts with the Spencer crest; small crests suitable for putting on hats, shirts, or blazers; the Spencer fine art print depicting the school before 1972 it has been created from an original water colour by Elizabeth (Wheeler) Gibson '63; and the Spencer cook book. Order form

It will soon be January and Alumnae membership dues ($10.00 for most; $5.00 for associate members) will be due for 2001. This is the last Spencer Letter you will receive unless your dues are paid up-to-date.

If you're visiting St. John's or living here please go to Bannerman Park just north of the bandstand and see the blue spruce tree we planted in remembrance. The plaque of dedication is affixed to the cornerstone of the old Spencer building at 77 Bond Street; it has the initials NBS on it. (The Newfoundland British society built the building in 1892-1893.) We had a ceremony to plant the tree and many of us threw some gravel in to "help." We were delighted to have Barbara Chalker there representing the Mercy Alumnae.

Also, go to see the plaque commemorating Bishop Spencer at the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist which we presented during the Reunion opening church service.
We now have about 2200 names on class lists and addresses (postal &/or e-mail) for over 1500. We especially need lists of those who were there in the last years 1972 K - IV and addresses that are missing. If you know of a Spencerian who has never received the letter, tell her and tell us.

Please let us know your new address, phone number, fax, e-mail, etc.

After the Reunion, we made a donation to Bishop Feild School to show our appreciation for the use of the premises. We stipulated that $500.00 (half the money) was to go to the Library program and $500.00 to the Music program.
New Executive
Left to right: Susan (Williams) Halley '66, Director; Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63, Vice-President; Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54, Past President & Newsletter Editor; Betty (Cook) Williams '51, President; Ruby (Downer) Legge '64, Treasurer; Marie (Cook) Walsh '55, Director; Ruby (Cluett) Kocurko '63, Secretary

At the Reunion
At the Reunion
The print of Spencer with Betty (Cook) Williams '51, Reunion Chair; Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54, Alumnae President; Barbara (Brooks) Ryan '52, Reunion Co-Chair; Marie (Cook) Walsh '55, Secretary, Planning Committee
We are trying to find current last names and addresses for the following people:
Class of 1950 Douglas Colbourne, Joan Fisher, Joan Reid, Lauretta Grimes, Norma Rowsell, Shirley Riche
Class of 1951 Audrey Fuller, Gaye Nicholson, Joan French, Mildred Bradbury, Renee (Goldstone) Price, Ruby Ivany
Class of 1952 Ann (Snow) Pike, Dorothy Hammond, Elizabeth (Earles) Scrementi, Helen Parsons, Irene (Squires) Knight, Joan Rowe, Mabel (Dewey) Reed, Norma Hanson, Shirley Butler
Christmas Luncheon
Saturday, December 2 at Noon
Clovelly Golf Club
Tickets at $25.00 each
can be purchased from Betty Williams 437-6920, Barbara Clancy 739-0981, Ruby Legge 579-6219, Susan Halley 722-4446, or Ruby Kocurko 745-8131
More details here

Please, let us recover from the excitement of this one! Several of you have suggested 2005, 2010, a combined one with Feild, various class ones, etc. Let us know what you'd like.


In Memoriam
1.Dorothy (Miller) Glendinning '30 at Oakville, ON on Oct. 2, 2000 aged 90.
2.Deane (Suckling) Miller in Boston, MA on Aug. 25, 2000.
3.Gladys (Chaplin) Houghton at Kelowna, BC on June 19, 2000 aged 88. (Gladys' son Jon was killed in a car crash on March 15, 2000.)
4.Nancy (Herder) Auston Moore '57 in Orlando, FL in Oct. 2000. (we especially send our sympathy to her sisters Judy Woodford '53 and Barbara Corrigan '54 and to her brother Jim.)

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