Vol. 2, No. 2      Fall 1999
- the newsletter for "old" Spencerians -
12 Kent Place, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada A1B 1V5

editor: Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54

Dear Spencerians:
So much has happened since the last Spencer Letter I hardly know where to begin. Spencer 2000 - the Reunion has taken off and many Spencerians are planning to be in St. John's for the festivities next summer. Lists are being expanded daily - we now have more than 1700 names! T-Shirt sales have been very brisk and we're ordering more as well as polos & sweatshirts. Thanks to all of you for your interest and your help.
Ottawa branch held their second function in April - a dinner at a country inn organized by Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre '59 with help from others. The big news is that I WAS THERE! It was such a thrill to meet so many old friends & make new ones. It was a pleasure to see Hilda Brinton '36 again - so many of us have such warm memories of her gym & dancing classes.

Toronto. had their first function - a luncheon downtown organized by Margaret (Hussey) Joyce '33 and Barbara Husk '63 - so I attended that one too as it was just a week after Ottawa. It was fun to meet Spencerians there and a pleasure for all of us to have Clara Miller with us - every student after 1931 will remember her name in gold on the big board as the winner of the Senior Jubilee Scholarship that year. Toronto plans another lunch for Oct. 23. Call Cheryl Whitten '68.
London, England had a luncheon & auction later in the spring organized by Elaine (Whitten) Polley '64. She'd booked a room from noon till 3:30 pm and the party ended up at her house and lasted till midnight! Nuff said. They can't wait to do it again.

The St. John's branch had a luncheon and "double blues auction" early in April. After lunch more than 20 items - all in various colours of blue - were auctioned. There was a lot of frantic bidding for items as diverse as a blue and white plate that had been owned by the late Ada Bulley (long time faculty member), to a large blueberry cheesecake made by Jean Press '61, to a "Spencer mouse" doll (in tunic & deportment girdle) knit by the Rev. Canon Joyce Payne '54. [P.S. I had a great time as auctioneer!]

No news yet of a Vancouver, Calgary, or Maritime branch. How about it?
     Ottawa: Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre '59 at 613-741-9483
     Toronto: Cheryl Whitten '68 at 416-204-3836 or e-mail:
     England: Elaine (Whitten) Polley '64 at 011-44-1895-239946
     St. John's: Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63 at 739-0981

Upwards of 300 of you had calls from him this summer and several wondered out loud why we hadn't hired a Spencerian. You were right to ask, and the answer is: We got him FREE. Matthew has worked part time for Reynolds Associates (my company) for over a year and sometimes he was seconded to work for BSC Alumnae or the Spencer Letter. In May he came to me and said he was eligible to get a summer grant to work for a not-for-profit group and would Spencer like him to apply at no cost to us. The executive/reunion committee jumped at the chance. Our only expense was a telephone line. Note the new telephone number. I provided the office space & the odd cup of coffee! Matthew got $400.00 (administered by us) and a $1400.00 tuition credit for Memorial University. He's done a wonderful job - has probably added/updated upwards of 500 names. The Spencer Letter and BSC Alumnae congratulate Matthew on winning two entry scholarships to MUN and wish him well there - he plans to become a teacher. He'll work two hours a week for us until Christmas.

Early this summer, we sent a special edition of the Spencer Letter to 50 or so men who had been Spencer students in Kindergarten/Grade I or Commercial. We asked each recipient to make photocopies and send them along to others. We had enthusiastic letters by return mail and all the associate members' names that we have are now on the master list. *If anyone knows of any man who is a former Spencer student, please do TWO things: tell him & tell us.*

The Reunion Committee is looking for the music for the operettas Hiawatha & John Gilpin and the text of the play Eager Heart. Can anyone help.... We've had requests for these.
1.Please send us back the enclosed Spencer 2000 pre-registration form as soon as possible - we need to get a handle on numbers for planning.
2.GIRL GUIDES - 1th St. John's A, B, & C Companies, Rangers, & Brownies. Please return the enclosed Girl Guide form as soon as possible to Phyllis.
July 26 - 30, 2000 followed by a Girl Guide activity. Royal St. John's Regatta, Wed. August 2 (weather permitting). Memorial University annual summer reunion - we've requested it be held August 4 & 5 in 2000 (all former Memorial students are eligible to attend; for information write Alumni Affairs, Memorial University, St. John's, NF A1C 5S7.)
Re accommodation: Remember you are responsible for reserving your own accommodations for the reunion. Write or call us if you need a copy of the accommodations listings.

-   The class of '53 is looking for Pam Neville.
-   The class of '54 is looking for Yvonne Rideout and Dorothy Andrews.
-   The class of '55 is looking for Eleanor Cole.
-   The class of '63 is looking for Cynthia Day.
Send info. to the Spencer Letter.

Win MacLauchlan '48 of Ottawa! The word hunt contests had a couple of mix-ups (author Pat (Cross) Winsor '52 apologizes for them) but we had several entries. Because of the misplaced letters, we put all entries in a hat and drew for the winner. Win won a copy of Wildflowers of Newfoundland donated by co-author June (Downton) Titford '52.

A new t-shirt order form appears here. The t-shirt and polos are white with a blue crest. The sweatshirt is navy with light blue lettering or white with a blue crest. The crest was especially designed by Betty (Cook) Williams' '51 son. The prices below include shipping & handling. For USA: remit in US funds. For Great Britain: remit in stirling. Note: The white sweatshirts are cheaper because we got a deal on them.

Please enclose your order form and the appropriate cheque or money order and send to T-SHIRT, BSC Alumnae, 12 Kent Place, St. John's, NF, A1B 1V5. Order form and payment should reach us as soon as possible. We had to pay for the shirts up front so we need the orders ASAP.
Tee sizes: M, L, XL - $19.00 (Cdn. or US) 10
Tee sizes: XXL - $22.00 (C. or US) 12
Polo sizes: M, L, XL - $27.00 (C. or US) 14
Polo sizes: XXL - $30.00 (C. or US) 16
Sweat navy: M, L, XL - $40.00 (C. or US) 21
Sweat navy: XXL - $43.00 (C. or US) 22
Sweat white: M, L, XL - $32.00 (C. or US) 17
Sweat white: XXL - $35.00 (C. or US) 18
All issues of "The Spencer Letter" are on the Web page. See bottom of this page for the address.

The Spencer Millennium Cook Book project needs you. If we get enough recipes, we'll publish a cook book for the Reunion. Send along your recipes before Nov. 30, 1999 to Cook Book, P.O. Box 21146, St. John's, NF A1A 5B2.

One copy of the complete list of Spencerians is available to any branch or anyone trying to form a branch. If you would like a personal copy please send a 9" x 12" self-addressed envelope and $5.00 (Can. or US) or 2.50 and we'll send it to you.
We now have about 1800 names on class lists and addresses (postal &/or e-mail) for about 1100.

Please let us know your new address, phone number, fax, e-mail, etc.

1.Faith (Maidment) Engels '56 very much appreciates all the cards and letters sent to her by Spencerians to speed her recovery from a debilitating stroke. Edith Noel '59, her sister, has spent some time with Faith in Boston and says she's now in water therapy and making some progress. Faith can't write the thank you's herself so we said we'd do it for her. Keep writing to her to keep her spirits up.
2.The Alumnae Association sends out a big THANK YOU to Debbie Jeans '68 a Spencerian who works at the Dept. of Education in St. John's. Starting from 1894 she has copied the names of all persons writing CHE/Public Exams at Spencer until the school eliminated Grades X & XI.
3.Thanks to all of you who've helped Matthew with the lists this summer and to Bruce for keeping the master list up to date & producing the Spencer Letter
4.Thanks to Pam (Tulk) Roberts '52 for volunteering to head up the corporate fund-raising endeavour.
Nearly 400 of you are paid-up members (some are paid till the end of 2000). Members should send $10.00 and associate members $5.00 yearly dues.

There will be one more Spencer Letter before the Reunion (early winter) with final registration information and deadline dates indicated. After the reunion only paid-up members will receive the Letter.

The Reunion Committee needs volunteers from each class to: 1. Organize an activity for Fun Night. 2. Organize a class lunch (Sat., July 29 is left open for classes to arrange their own get-togethers at Noon.) Write BSC Reunion 2000, P.O. Box 21146, St. John's, NF A1A 5B2, phone 709-722-0055, or e-mail if you can do one or both of these. We can provide the addresses and phone numbers of many of your classmates.

In Memoriam
Our deepest sympathy to:
1.Barbara (Brooks) Ryan '52, vice-chair of the reunion committee, on the death of her husband Tom earlier this summer.
2.The family of Felicity (Partridge) Baxter, England former faculty member.
3.The family of Edith Manuel '50, St. John's.

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