Vol. 2, No. 1      Late Winter 1999
- the newsletter for "old" Spencerians -
12 Kent Place, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada A1B 1V5

editor: Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54

Dear Spencerians:
Thank you for all your support of the BSC Alumnae Association and of the reunion Committee. Many of you have sent in your $10.00 membership fee which has kept us going and provided "seed" money for Spencer 2000. Cheques for membership should be made out to the BSC Alumnae Association and sent to the address above. Membership is good until January 1, 2000 when another $10.00 is due. This letter is going to everyone for whom we have good addresses, but send your $10.00 to avoid being cut off the Letter list in future.
Ottawa is having a function on April 15, 1999 and anyone in the Ottawa area or anyone visiting is welcome. Call Joan (Finley) Crocker at 613-837-4482 or Sally (Winter) LeFeuvre at 613-741-9483 for more information.

Toronto. Two Spencerians Margaret (Hussey) Joyce and Barbara Husk responded to my request for a get-together in Toronto; and they are planning an event in April. Call Margaret at 416-481-5898 or Barbara at 416-241-0135 if you haven't heard from them.

Nova Scotia. We're putting out a call for someone to organize a spring or fall function. Call or write me and I'll send a copy of the master list. You might be able to organize a Maritimes branch as most of you are within driving distance.

Vancouver and area. Anyone out there? You'd be a smaller group but let me know and I'll forward the list.

Also, Calgary, or London, England?
The St. John's branch is planning an Easter lunch with an auction of items that are light blue and navy blue. A flyer is being sent to all Avalon Peninsula Spencerians.
Click here for the Internet version.

Please let us know your new address, phone number, fax, e-mail, etc. We had eight returns from the last mailing.

1. For the picture quality in the last issue I didn't stand over the folks duplicating so some of the photos were too dark.
2. To the Spencerians in the east end of downtown St. John's who didn't receive the Late Summer 98 issue we goofed and I'm not sure how. We do have extra copies of Late Summer 98 please call if you didn't get one and I'll make sure it reaches you. That applies to anyone who'd like a copy of Late Summer 98.

Award Winner: Helen (Epstein) Ghent '51 recently received the Paul Harris Award from the Rotary Club of Sudbury, ON for volunteering her time and talents to her community. Paul Harris founded Rotary International and the award is given for outstanding community contributions. Helen, a registered nurse, is married to Dr. Bob Ghent and is the mother of three children one of whom died in a car accident a few years ago. Although Helen left Newfoundland 40 years ago, we want her to know that Spencerians everywhere are proud of her accomplishments and we belatedly send our sympathy.

Marion (Allan) Anderson writes that she and her three friends and classmates Florence (Pike) Nicholson, Effie (Burgess) Richardson, and Elsie (Torraville) Jones all Class of '37 plan to attend Spencer 2000 the Reunion. They haven't been all together for 40 years.

Margaret Stobie (F) writes from Scotland on behalf of Mirren (Grade IX '68) and Carol (Grade IV '68) who live in Edinburgh. They may not get here but want to keep in touch.

Margaret (Hussey) Joyce comments on my remark about "fantastic" in the Summer '98 issue. She wants to know if we remember that "a lot" is a "plot of ground". Anymore quotes from Miss Cherrington, anyone?

Rev. Margaret Hall writes from the Anglican Rectory in Burin that she's looking forward to the reunion.

Where are Carol Hayward, Linda Milling, Wendy Harmer? Please send along addresses if you have them and the names of anyone else you think is "missing."
  SPENCER 2000
Betty and the planning committee are hard at work. We met at Phyllis Reid's in early January and will meet again in March at 12 Kent Place. Sub-committees (like registration & program) are also getting in to the nitty-gritty.
Re accommodation: as everyone has already lived in St. John's we are relying on each of you to make your own reservations. We are including in this issue a flyer (made up by me from info. supplied by the City Tourist Bureau) indicating lists of hotels and B & B's. A map is also included. This info goes to all Spencerians living off the Avalon Peninsula. We hope to be able to rent space in Bishop Field School to use as our HQ and for some events; if not we will seek other space in the centre or downtown.

My thanks to all those who helped get the Letter out in 1998 Shirley (Warford) Harding and her classmates and Sonia (Streeter) May especially. Obviously, to Pat (Cross) Winsor for her splendid contribution to this issue (see puzzles at end of letter). To the Rev. Canon Joyce Payne for craft items to be sold to aid the Reunion fund.

We are indebted to Mr. Edgar House for his contribution of six copies of his biography of Bishop Feild to use as prizes and also for a canvas bag from the Feild reunion as a "demo".

Faith (Maidment) Engels '56 is confined to the Boston Rehabilitation Center after suffering a severe stroke in 1997. Her sister Edith Noel '59 (now living in St. John's) tells me Faith's condition is stable and she would welcome notes & cards from Spencerians. Hey at least 800 of us will read this; how about everyone dropping a line to Faith to cheer her up. Write her at Boston Rehabilitation Center, 1245 Center St., Roslindale, MA, 02131 or at 95 Whittenton St. Taunton, MA, 02780-1523.

The long-promised t-shirt order form appears here. The t-shirt is white with a navy crest. The crest was especially designed by Betty (Cook) Williams' son. Sizes are medium, large, & extra large. The price, including postage & handling, is $19.00 for each t-shirt for those living in Canada. For USA: $19.00(US) which will cover the additional postage. For Great Britain: 10.

Please enclose your order form and the appropriate cheque or money order and send to T-SHIRT, BSC Alumnae, 12 Kent Place, St. John's, NF, A1B 1V5.
Order form and payment should reach us as soon as possible. We had to pay for the shirts up front so we need the orders ASAP.
One copy of the complete list of Spencerians is available to any branch or anyone trying to form a branch. If you would like a personal copy please send a self-addressed envelope and $3.00 (Can. or US) or 1.50 and we'll send it to you.
We now have about 1500 names on class lists and addresses (postal &/or e-mail) for about 800. We especially need lists of those who were there in the last years 1966-1972.

All issues of "The Spencer Letter" are on the Web page. See bottom of this page for the address.

These two puzzles were made up by Pat (Cross) Winsor. When you have the answer to each, fill in the form below.
Puzzle 1 - SPENCER      Puzzle 2 - REUNION
On May 1, we'll put all the correct answers in a hat and draw for a prize. Note: both answers must be correct and the first correct one drawn wins. We'll give the answers and announce the winners in the next letter.
Our sympathies to Lynn (Scammell) Goodfellow whose husband Mark died in London, England after a long illness. Mark retired in 1991 - he was British Ambassador to Gabon - and was much loved by family & friends.

In Memoriam
1.After a long illness: Ruby (Noel) House '53 in British Columbia
2.One week before her 65th birthday: Gwen (Fudge) Nore '50 of Elliot Lake, ON. Our thanks to her husband Gordon for a donation in Gwen's memory.
3.Faith (Mercer) Randell '36 in St. John's

Our sympathy to the family & friends of Ruby, Gwen, & Faith.

BSC Grade 8 - 1947
Back:Dolda (Ricketts) Clarke, B. Tizzard, Carol Hayward, Audrey Fuller, Jean (Dyke) Haines, Helen (Epstein) Ghent, Violet Groves, Barb (Brown) Dawe, Laura Stacey(dec.)
Front:Joan Pearcey, Pearl Gosse, Ruth Tizzard, D. Lynch, Cynthia Curtis, Libby Reid, Shirley Cook
Very Front:Bertha (Soper) Gruchy

Elizabeth Reynolds Take care, everybody - see you in 2000!

Spencer Letter editor & President,
Bishop Spencer College Alumnae Association
Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54

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