Vol. 1, No. 4      Late Summer 1998
- the newsletter for "old" Spencerians -
12 Kent Place, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada A1B 1V5

Dear Spencerians:
Greetings from St. John's!                Here's all the latest news.

1998 has thus far been a most exciting year! In March, at a meeting in City Hall in St. John's, we formed the BSC Alumnae Association. There was a large turnout and everyone was very excited by the plans for Spencer 2000 - the reunion. At the election of officers the following were elected:
President: Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54
Vice-President:June (Earle) Wheeler '55
Secretary:Barbara (Parsons) Clancy '63
Treasurer:Diane (Downer) Driscoll '55
Director:Shirley (Warford) Harding '52
Chair of the Reunion Committee:Elizabeth (Cook) Williams '51
Editor of the Spencer Letter:Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54
Past President:vacant
Associate Editor of the Spencer Letter:vacant
Chair of the List Committee:Sonia (Streeter) May '54
Secretary of the Reunion Committee:Marie (Cook) Walsh '55

At the March meeting, we adopted a constitution (I took the MUN Alumni Association constitution & modified it for our use.) It can be found in its entirety on the Web Page or I'll send a copy if you send a SASE.

At the same meeting, a motion from the floor won unanimous consent proposing an annual membership fee of $10.00. This would give the reunion committee some much needed seed money to operate. The $10.00 includes the subscription to the Spencer Letter (two issues a year if I can do it!) If you have already sent $10.00 or more, you're a member in good standing. As of Jan. 1, 1999, the Spencer Letter will go to members, as we'll officially start from then.
As you can imagine, it's taken us a while to get organized & get all the wrinkles ironed out; but, hey, we had the Laundress badge and we know it will be smooth going eventually. Right now we are solvent and have several hundred dollars in the bank.

The Reunion Committee is now at work ably chaired by Betty (Cook) Williams, '51 an old hand at conference planning & direction. Her sister Marie Walsh '55 is secretary to the committee (Interesting note: Betty has a condo in the Spencerian!). Phil Reid is looking after the Girl Guides part of the reunion.

The "List" Committee - chaired by Sonia (Streeter) May '54 has done a fantastic job (I can just hear Cherry questioning the usage of "fantastic"!) We now have about 1200 names on class lists and addresses (postal &/or e-mail) for about 700. Please, when you read this jot down the names (& addresses & phone numbers if available) of every one in your class. Put down the year that you wrote (or would have written had you been there) Grade XI exams. And send it along to the Spencer Letter. If you took Commercial, please write a Commercial List. If you stayed at the Lodge, please write a Lodge List too. We still need help in tracing addresses. If you can volunteer some time on the phone or the e-mail, please let me know ASAP. We especially need lists of those who were there in the last years - 1962-1972.

The T-Shirt form follows in the next issue. Another wrinkle arose when the firm that designed the logo and were going to do the shirts went out of business. We're working on a new supplier and expect to have everything in place shortly.

In the spring the St. John's group (about 68 strong) had a very successful brunch on a Saturday morning in the Crypt of the Cathedral. The Crypt Tearoom ladies catered - every one of them a Cordon Bleu, I think. We're planning another event for later in the fall. Watch Channel 9 in St. John's, listen to VOWR, and read the Evening Telegram "free" ads for the next activity.

I've been in St. John's ever since the last Letter went out (one short trip in July to visit the Rev. Canon Joyce Payne '54 in Lark Harbour) and I've been so happy to have visits from Marg (Skinner) Standish from BC (many Guides will remember her as a Guider at National Camp 1952) and a visit from Diane (Crosbie) Craft from England who was in town for a family wedding. Later in August, I saw Brenda (Levitz) Breeding '57 who came from California; I was delighted to get a phone call from her cousin Helen Linegar who spent her first four school years at Spencer before moving west and was a great friend of mine from Kindergarten to Grade III. Helen lives on Vancouver Island. We're very sorry to report that Helen is confined to bed. Any Spencerian going that way? Call me & I'll give you Helen's phone number. I think she'd welcome the contact. Helen is sending us part of a costume that her grandmother Ida (Duder) Linegar wore in a play at Spencer in the 1880's - I think it's our oldest artefact to date.
Joan (Finley) Crocker '54 told me recently she met a very nice lady - a stranger to her - at the Ottawa golf course where they were both looking for tee-off times. They got talking and were amazed at the smallness of the Spencer world! The stranger was Gwen Tooton (Class of '39, maybe?) Gwen lives in Florida & was visiting family in Ottawa.
For those of you in exotic places: this has been a lovely year in St. John's - very little snow and a warm winter, incredibly a "real" spring with sun & flowers, and now a long warm & sunny summer. El Nino, which seems to have "done in" every other place in North America, has been most kind here. The Spencer building - all condos now - is spruced up and painted light grey and looks very much the grand old lady of Bond Street.

1. We very much appreciate all the lists we have received to date. (Gwen Woodley '36 could give lessons in List Production!)
2. Thank you to all of you who have sent the money to keep us afloat to now - and stamps, too; and to all of you who've helped or volunteered to help.
3. Thanks to Julia Mathieson, Cathedral archivist for her interest & help. She's not a Spencerian but went to a similar school - Miss Edgar & Miss Cramp's in Montreal.
4. We loved the food & the interest of the Crypt Tearoom Ladies at the St. John's brunch. Special thanks to Derrice Bellamy, wife of the dean (Bill Bellamy, Field '57), and all her committee.
5. My personal thanks to Jean Murray for her continuing support.
6. Once again, thanks to Bruce Reynolds for all the computer work.
7. And to all of you who write & phone & stop me in the supermarket - I COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU.

The Class of '54 is looking for Cynthia Tizzard & Yvonne Rideout. Please call me or write if you are trying to find someone - I've already put several of you in touch with old friends.

In Memoriam
Alyce Lindsay 1903 - 1998
Alyce was probably Class of 1920. She passed away at the Agnes Pratt Home in early August. She had no relatives; Florence (Bartlett) McNeilly '51 and her sister Rowena Parker '57 were her next of kin. Alyce was my mother's friend and I went to her funeral.

That's it from here. Send lists (with addresses if possible) and your $10.00 membership cheques to "The BSC Alumnae Association" at the Spencer Letter address above. Have a good fall. Next letter? Before Xmas I hope.
Best regards to you all.

Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54 - editor

The dates for SPENCER 2000 - the reunion are: WEDNESDAY, JULY 26 to SUNDAY, JULY 30, 2000; Girl Guide Activities are planned for MONDAY, JULY 31 and TUESDAY, AUGUST 1. (Note that the Royal St. John's Regatta will take place on WED., Aug. 2 - weather permitting, of course.)

Anybody interested in organizing a get-together of Spencerians in the greater Toronto area? Call me & I'll send you a list.

Marie Walsh, secretary
P.O. Box 21146, St. John's, NF, A1A 5B2

At the March 19th Alumnae formation meeting at City Hall the Reunion Committee's planning executive was elected, namely:
Chairperson Betty (Cook) Williams '51
SecretaryMarie (Cook) Walsh '55
TreasurerDiane (Downer) Driscoll '55
Newsletter/BSC BookletElizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54

This planning group is now seeking volunteers to chair & serve on various committees; several letters have already been sent with a rather poor compliance rate. If you can serve on any of the following committees please send a note to Marie at the above address. The committees are:
Registration          Social
Girl Guide ReunionChurch Service
Newsletter/ BSC BookletVolunteer Co-ordinator

It is important that these committees be in place soon as 2000 is only two years away, and time flies.
Please help us to make this an unforgettable experience. We look forward to hearing from you.
signed: Betty Williams - Chairperson

The First Class Guides of the 1st St. John's Company ready for parade (early 1940's?)
First Class Guides of 1st St. John's Company

Two groups of Spencerians (& friends) taken recently

BSC Class of '63 (Grade 9) taken July 1997
BSC Class of '63 (Grade 9) taken July 1997 Back:Ruby (Cluett) Kocurko, Barbara (Parsons) Clancy, Rosalind (Miller) Tuff, Nancy Knight
Middle:Vivian (Bowring) Pallard, Linda (Harvey) Bennett
Front:Claudia (Dawe) Earle, Carolyn (Wells) Halliday, Janis (Burdock) MacGillivray, Anthea (Facey) Donnan, Carol (MacNab) Matthews


Back:Peg (Clarke) Harvey, Margaret (Carter) Halleran, Carla (Emerson) Furlong, Beatrice (Fudge) Hickman, Elizabeth (Biz Carter) Gibson, Betty (Jamieson) Baird-Eaton, Monica (Facey) Flight-Ash, Fredrica (Russell) Escott, Marjorie (Churchill) Ingram, Elizabeth (Dicks) Williams, Alice (Babs White) Butt-Parsons, Gertrude (Murray) Crosbie, Mildred (Porter) Murphy
Middle:Sarah (Winsor) Finn, Elizabeth (Thistle) Guy, Jean (Wells) Bastow, Helen (Edwards) Walsh, Eleanor (Bemister) Woodburn, Jessie (Winsor) Goodyear, Olga (Bubby Thistle) Noel
Front:Bertha (Soper) Gruchy

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