Vol. 1, No. 1           Fall 1996
- the newsletter for "old" Spencerians -
12 Kent Place, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada A1B 1V5

Dear Spencerian, As we grow older, some of us feel more and more need to keep in touch with those we knew when we were young. I hear, directly or indirectly, from many of you who were at Spencer in the 40's and 50's, and some of my own class ('54) have met informally when one or another "from away" has come home to St. John's. The Class of '52, who have had many reunions kindly invited others to join them in '87 and we has a wonderful evening. Penny (Goodridge) Crane was the guest speaker and we sang "Lord Behold...." and "Lord Dismiss...." at start and finish.

Some of you have suggested that I might like to organize a formal, all-years' reunion and I've given the matter a lot of thought. Having had experience doing these kinds of events with Memorial Alumni, I'd be willing to try it --- but I have not lists of BSC Alumnae and not time to compile any. However, sometimes names and addresses come my way (often with bits of news I could share too --- see NEWS below). So I've started a list.

Out of all the above has come The Spencer Letter! This issue contains a request for information, a plea to "pass it on", some bits of news, and so on. I sent a draft to Miss Jean Murray and she kindly sent greetings to be included. I'm hoping to put out two or three issues a year following the same format as this one (& handwritten on principle!)* and to be able to compile a list of the names and addresses of all living alumnae (about 1,000, I figure) --- the intent being to have an all-years' reunion in 2000!

Who are you and where are you? Would you, when you read this, get a 3 x 5 inch index card, put on it your name now and your name and nickname (if any) at Spencer, your present mailing address and phone number, and any other pertinent and interesting information. Send it to me ASAP, or complete the electronic form below. Be sure to include the year you graduated from BSC (or would have if you hadn't moved or whatever). Include some NEWS, please, for possible future inclusion in The Letter.
( the "B" is for Boudicca. I never use it now!)
1042 Dock Road
Anytown, NF A0A 0A0

was: "Bond" Keever, class of '54
now: president of Grannies Together, a baby-sitting agency in Anytown
has: two sons, three grandchildren
wed: George O'Connell (PWC '53)
Education: B.A. (MUN '59), M.A. (Dal '61), Ph.D (Columbia '66)

I'm sending out about 50 copies of this issue to start it off. PLEASE, when you read it, make at least two copies and send them to other Spencerians whom you know. I really can't send out 1,000 (even if I did have all the names), so for this issue I'm depending on your round-robinning skills. I'll send the second issue (at Easter?) to anyone who sends me the index card (as above): after that, I'll have to ask for a cost-recovery fee.

NEWS (mainly from '54 and '55)
Where are the Americans (late of Fort Pepperall)? Does anyone have addresses for Marilyn Miller? Lucia Millett? Sue-Ann Fenski? et al? The Class of '54 would like to find Althea Butler. Are you seeking a friend or former classmate? Let us know --- we may have an address.

We'd like to keep in touch with former staff too. Miss Murray provided a list of names and I'm working on addresses.

"Scam" has sent me a copy of the proposed Spencer Letter which she hopes to send out to "old" Spencerians. I am absolutely delighted to hear of a proposal to work towards an all year reunion of Spencerians in the year 2000. Everywhere I go I meet "old" Spencerians and I delight in hearing about the interesting things they are doing. With her experience and many contacts "Scam" is certainly the one to lead and I am sure your will give her all the help you can.* It will be lovely to get everyone together for we have all shared so much happiness. I am sure both girls and staff have many happy memories.
             -Jean M. Murray-

Attached is a photo of Mrs. Minnie Miles (Min Brown, Class of 1919). pictured with my mother when they were at Spencer and living at the Lodge (then on Forest Road). Is Mrs. Miles now the most senior of our alumnae? She and my mother remained great friends until my mother's death. They both attended the 1987 reunion.

Photo of Min Brown

That's is for the first issue of The Spencer Letter. Please write back and pass it on. Your comments would be most welcome. Have a blessed Christmas, a safe winter, and a happy 1997.

Elizabeth L. (Scammell) Reynolds '54

This newsletter is sent to you compliments of                                       
12 Kent Place, St. John's, Newfoundland A1B 1V5 Canada
Telephone 709-722-4546
Elizabeth L. Reynolds, B.A. B.Ed., M.Ed.



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