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Last updated: Mar. 28, 2007

An asterisk after a person's name means that we don't have a mailing address for that person. Maiden names are in brackets.
Charlotte (MacNee) Bell F
Dorothy (Penny) Bennett F
Daphne (Eden) Brewster F
Doreen (Thresher) Bright F
Elaine (Hart) Brown F
Loraine Brown F
Elizabeth (Sheppard) Bussey F
Mercia (Tibbs) Church F1940-43   *
Eileen (Hill) Colbourne F   *
Flo (Kearley) Crosbie F   *
Barbara Crump F
Paula (Warren) Dawe F
Margaret Glover F1957-65

Rev. Trudy Gosse F1963-67
Joyce Hall F
Ann (Martin) Little F
Mary MacDonald F
Yvonne Navratil F1964-68
Mary Norman F
Ellen M. (Bailey) Owen F1955-58
Linda Patzold F1968-72
Phyllis (Ploughman) Piercey F   *
Dallas (Penney) Rose F
Valerie (Jones) Scott F1962-72
Stephanie (Peacock) Smith F
Judith (Furlong) Snedden F
Jane (Rees) Spencer F1969-72
Lenora (Thomas) Stanford F
Dorothy (Badger) Swindells F
Leah Taylor F
Charlotte (Haliburton) Toope F
Miss (Badger) F   *
Freda (Berry) F   *
Ena (Bishop) F   *
Pamela (Borner) F   *
Lillian (Butler) F   *
Rose (Carmichael) F   *
Edith (Edgar) F   *
Last updated: Mar. 28, 2007

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