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Elizabeth Anne Warren (nee Morrall)
Manotick, ON, CDA

I did not graduate from the college but I did go to school there as a day student. Not sure of the year, but about 1950/1952. My Father was stationed there, with the Canadian Army around those years and I do remember that Miss Cherrington was the Head Mistress. Just wondered if there were pictures of that time or a list of names. I will try and check with my parents if they have any pictures. If they do, I wil scan them and email them to you.
E. Warren

Anne (Cole ) Moseley
Los Angeles, California, USA

I have so enjoyed finding the web site again. I graduated in 1957, studied nursing in Montreal, met and married my husband Colin there and have lived in L.A for the last 20 years where he is an Orthopaedic surgeon and Chief of Staff at the Shriners Hospital for Children. I have wonderful memories of Spencer and my teachers. We have been lucky to travel extensively and I remember how Miss Hall made Geography such an interesting subject to learn. On the lighter side, I still make sure the handles are turned inward on my saucepans, thanks to Miss Murray!
Would love to hear from old friends, Louise Knight, Pat Harnum, Joan Marshall or Clare Woods.

Breada Regular
Markham, Ontario, Canada

I attended Bishop Spencer for grades 6,7,8 and part of grade 9. Some of the names I remember are Lynn and Mary Hawkins, Sarah Steinhauer and a girl named Gail Tapper. I seem to remember her playing a harp and Sarah singing. It was in the 60's. I was in St. Andrew's house. I transferred to Bishop Abraham to complete grade 9.

Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds
St. John's, NL, Canada

We regret to inform all of you who know the Rev. Joyce Payne '54 that her brother David (Feild '51) died Oct. 30, 2006. Joyce's address is PO BOX 78, York Harbour, NL A0L 1L0 if you want to write to her.

Sonia Thomson
Burnaby, BC, Canada

My mother Shirley G. Escott (married name Hanlon) was a student at Bishop Spencer in the 1940's. My mom died in November 2003 of ALS. I have her clsss ring, she was very proud of it and loved to tell me stories about her time at school.

Elizabeth (Ryall) Candow
St.John's, NL

Found your site while searching the web last week. I saw my name under 1959-X. Just to set your records straight I left Spencer in the spring of 1956 in grade 7.However I do remember a lot of those names around my time and I have found a picture taken at my birthday party with a lot of those girls on the photo. Will e-mail you the picture and names if you would like to post it on your site.

Wendy Williams
Vancouver, BC, Canada

It is a cool spring day here in Vancouver. I received the April 2006 newsletter so I am checking out the web site. My life has been framed by gender politics and the lack of women and our experiences in public policy. I wonder how much of this was because I went to an all girls' school that taught me women counted. Cheers Wendy Williams

Elizabeth Sears
President/Owner Co-Aide Home Care Ltd., Moncton, NB, Canada

What a pleasant suprise to find this wonderful site full of memories!! It gave me a warm feeling to see familiar names that I haven't thought about in years. Would love to hear from anyone of my classmates...

Debbie (Moore) Sanschagrin
Federal Gov't, Halifax, N.S., Canada

I attended Spencer for two years ('62-'64), grades 4 and 5. I remember Miss Manual ( grade 4) and being utterly terrified of doing something wrong! My daughter is now at Memorial doing her Master's degree, living on Bond St. directly across from the site of the old school. I was wondering what became of Lorna Proudfoot as we were good friends in grade 5.

Marina (Mercer) James
Kippens, NL., Can.

I just finished reading the whole site for the second time and enjoyed just as much the second time round. One question. According to the list if graduates for the class of `52 there are 59 names. I have a list of only 49 graduates in my class of that year. Keep up the excellent work. Marina.

Dawne (Godfrey) St. Marie
Petrolia, Ontario, Canada

Just found this web site - what a lot of memories! Would love to hear from anyone from Class of 63! Remember Carla May, Ruby Cluett, Veronica Adams, Claudia Dawe, Cynthia Day.

Margaret Alexander
Salida, Colorada, USA

Graduated from BSC 48...Go "home" most summers. Been there for reunions and just meeting old friends. I love reading about Spencer...I've been living in Colorado most of my life. I live in a mountain valley surrounded on all sides with 14,000 peaks. We have the best of both worlds, Nfld and Colorado. I have very warm feelings about school..teachers,and classmates.
Love Margaret

Margaret Alexander
Salida, Colorado, USA

Myself and my husband Charlie attended the reunion in 2000...Been "home" twice since then...Wondering if anything will be going on this year...I remember something about 2005..Right?...Anyway a few of us might be fortunate this summer, and visit with one another...The class of 48/49..Love to all...Thank you all for the upkeep of this important site....Sweet memories

Julie Farrant

My parents emigrated to Newfoundland in 1958 when I was 4 years old. I attended Bishop Spencer and just browsing through your web-site the memories of those first years came flooding back. I began my first day there with my English accent and was totally terrified! I remember Miss Manuel and just looking through the names of my old classmates brought back lots of happy days with my schoolfriends. Does anyone remember Julie Fey? I would like to hear from you if you do.

Sherry Lantz
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I was doing a search on my Mom Rosalind Kelland, and this page was one of the search finds....I was so happy to see the class list, she was class of 1959. I lost my Mom last November to cancer,she was only 60 years old, she was an amazing woman with a heart of gold and an angelic soul.
I would be so happy to hear from any of her classmates with stories you may remember... I would be so very grateful.
Her father was Otto Kelland, my Pop, who we lost this year at the age of 99 yrs and 11 months.
If anyone remembers my Mom and has stories to share, please feel free to email me.
PS, she used to tell me so many stories about her school days at Bishop Spencer.
Sherry Lantz

Deborah Hicks
Prince Albert, Ontario, Canada

I have the biggest lump in my throat after looking at this website - as it brought back a lot of good memories. I'm now almost 52 yrs. old and attended Bishop Spencer College from grade 3 through and including grade 7. The memories I have today are just as vivid and real as if they were yesterday!

Linda Feaver
Ottawa, ON, Canada

I was saddened recently to hear of the passing of Mrs. Garland, who was one of my very earliest teachers - Grade 3 I believe. She was a lovely lady and a great teacher.
My sympathies to Penney and the rest of the family.

Joan (nee Dewling) Jahnke
Class 1960, Blythewood, SC, USA

It's been so many years and seeing faculty member Ms. Samson's name in print still makes me look over my shoulder! My cousin Diane (Nee Clouston) just sent me the Spencer letter which indicated that I was "lost". I'm not; alive and well in sunny South Carolina. My schooling/education from Spencer enabled me to take risks and become very successful. I've never forgotten Spencer and all the girls I knew, some of which I've lost contact with over the years and will now attempt to locate. They'll be happy to see such a nice web site. Good job y'all!


I had gone to Spencer plus three other of my sister's(Judy, Violet, Glenda) and many cousins and friends, I very seldom see any familiar faces from school, we often think and talk about the good old(but strict)days. We have very happy memories,I was pleased to find this website,and look forward to reading more.

Claire Fripp
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Am thrilled to find a web site for Bishop Spencer. Heard about the fire only this year, but have no details.Would love to hear from classmates and would jump at the chance to attend a reunion.

Fl., USA

I was just admiring your online class credits. You have a very nice online album here. I was not one of your students but my mother was, Shirley Norberg. I would just like to notify you that Shirley passed away in 1986. She is survived by five children.

Beth Cooper
Edmonton, AB, Canada

My daughters and I just finished reading "A Word for Home" by Joan Clarke. It was fun to describe Spencer to my 3 girls and talk about the house system, assemblies, uniforms and The Spencer Sale to them. Try to explain "Gaiters"!.It was a Christmas gift from Godmother Jennifer Adams (daughter of Susan (Cooper)Adams. A great book for young girls and their former Spencerian moms.

Sue Kelland-Dyer
St. John's, NL, Canada

Just a note to say hi to all Spencerians....

Jane Dawe (Knight)
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,

I wasn't a Spencerian but certainly knew many who were. Would enjoy hearing from them. The web page is a great piece of work, thank you.

Clarence Dewling
Sarah Elliott's Husband [full time], Trouty, newfoundland, Canada

This site is great. It has improved from a few postings that I think I saw a few years ago. I think I would have enjoyed going to Spencer!

Jean (Guy) Weerasinghe

The Class of \'64 is trying working on a project to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. To help us, we are trying to locate information about the following "Old Girls" or their families or classmates:
1. Miriam Young (active 1932)
2. Shirley Gruchy (active 1932)
3. Frances Newhook (active 1945)
4. Dallas Cornick (active 1947)
5. Eva Ludlow (active 1947)
6. Rosie Cohen (active 1932)
7. Jessie Smith (active 1928)
8. Virginia Hill (active 1947)
Some may be deceased so even if you know that or the name and/or address of a relative that would be very helpful. Thank you.

Wendell Streeter
Sault ste. Marie, ON, CA

Hi Scam..
Ran across your web page. Really enjoyed viewing all those names that were a real part of growing up in St. John's. I remember having to go over and wait for Sonia...scared to death of the staff over there. It was a great school that can never be duplicated.
Wendell Streeter

Penny Brake
Corner Brook, NF, Canada

In 1999 I lived in the Spencerian Building while attending Memorial University. It was devistating when the fire had taken such a beautiful building from us. For the past few years I have been looking everywhere to find a picture of of the building. Today I had found a beautiful painting of Bishop Spencer College. I had no idea that the building had such history. Sometimes we really take for granted the things around us. The Spencerian will stay in my heart forever. I think that it is great that you all have stayed in touch with each other and keep that conection. The web page is a great idea.

Karin John
Roswell, GA, USA

Very nice website, great to be able to surf down memory lane seeing names that you haven't heard in decades !!Great job and THANKS A BUNCH! to the person responsible for putting this obvious labor of love together. I, for one, don't take the amount of work involved here, for granted.

Michelle (Rowe) Warner
Tourism Nova Scotia, Yarmouth, N.S., Canada

Thanks for making it easier to remain connected. I would love to hear from any old class mates.

Janet (Dodd) Simmons
Newfoundland School for the Deaf, Paradise, NF, Canada

Great site, sorry i didn't get info about the Reunion last year. maybe next time

Valerie Noel
Burlington, ON, CA

I am very pleased to finally see a Bishop Spencer web site. I am from the last graduating class (72) and would LOVE to hear from anyone who was in that class. Would like to see more articles added to the website, including pictures!

Marsha McDonald (Boyd)
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Would love to hear news from the class of 1965

Lois (Clarke) Nagy
Franklin, TN, USA

New e-mail address. Would love to hear from the girls of '64.

Douglass (Robertson) Ziedelis
Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

Great website!

Janet (Cook) Neil
At home, Delta, BC, Canada

Just wonderful 'girls'. Would like to hear from anyone in class '58 and others.

Liz Ayre
Upper Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, England


Bruce Reynolds
Lightpost Web Services Ltd., St. John's, NF, Canada

This is pretty neat. When is the school reopening?

Elizabeth (Scammell) Reynolds '54
Reynolds Fine Art Services Ltd., St. John's, NF, Canada

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